Worst Case Scenario

Well here I am in a place I never thought I’d be…..the blogworld. What am I doing in a place where people regurgitate their most intimate thoughts for all the world to see? Well, I can tell you right now that there won’t be any of that. Worst case scenario comes to mind…..One day I’m typing along about my innermost thoughts and get carried away about how someone’s done me wrong. They happen to find my blog. Not pretty. Or I start writing about my occasional bout of irrational thoughts. Some guy I’ve been getting to know finds my blog and thinks I’m neurotic. Or I post about one of my pitiful (but often humorous) adventures in online dating and the guy in question reads my blog. Could cause a slight problem. Anyway, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I prefer to keep my innermost thoughts in what Jerry Seinfeld called “the vault”. Next best option….a locked diary hidden in…..well I can’t tell you where. Am I a private person? Slightly. I mean we’re talking about the girl who in the 7th grade went to Dad’s workshop and built a box she could lock away her private stuff (which at the time included Maxipads). So anyway, if you’re looking for really juicy tidbits about me, you’ve come to the wrong place. For me this is just a fun way to keep my friends up to date on the happenings in my world, post some pictures, which I love taking by the way, and rant & rave (& ramble).

~ by tawnyamarie on January 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Worst Case Scenario”

  1. Regurgitate??? You couldn’t come up with a better word for it than that? How about express, explore, share, or even vent? haha

    I’m excited you started a blog – positive peer pressure have anything to do with it?;) You are a private person, and I’ll never exploit you. Why would I need to when I have a blog titled “Sex, Love, and Marriage”? haha

    How did we become friends again? Oh yeah, it was that whole God/College thing…Welcome to the blogosphere my Kindred Spirit friend! I hope you’re ready for some traffic…

  2. Niki sent me here, so it is her fault that you are getting so much interest in your rr&r. I just started my blog this year too. So, here we are in the same boat. Sorta.

    Glad to “meet” you, hope we can become good blog buddies.

    Stop by anytime. Can I use regurgitate for a word of the day on my blog?

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