Well, I am having a terrible start to my resolution to go to bed earlier (note the time), so my rant for tonight will be short…… Why of all God’s beautiful creatures, do I have to be a rat on the Chinese Zodiac? And secondly, why is this important tidbit posted in my profile for all the world to see, as if it’s one of my greatest accomplishments? I’m just not feeling it. I think we rats should start a revolt and declare ourselves a new animal. Whad’ya think? Dolphin, unicorn, leopard? Heck, even elephant would be better than rat. On the up side, at least I’m not a snake (no offense to you snakes out there….I feel your pain).

~ by tawnyamarie on January 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Rats!”

  1. My hubby is a Snake… we were hoping that since the Chinese new year is later in the year, he could claim the Dragon. No such luck. I am a Tiger. Rat is not so bad as the boar… just a pig, and an ugly one at that! And who would want to be a Rooster, especially since they call it a Cock? Rat doesn’t sound so bad, really.

    I met Niki when she came to OKC to do a women’s retreat. We had been talking online before that.

  2. Ok, since you put it that way….What were they thinking with these animals? I still think rat is pretty bad…you know spreaders of the plague and all. Roosters at least serve a function.

  3. Hey! I’m a rat too…atleast we’re in this together! A little hint for you – don’t include your birthday in your profile and it won’t generate your zodiac sign…speaking of profiles…I’m going to read your stupid question. You’d like how I answered mine! 😉

  4. Niki: The stupid questions were so stupid, I haven’t answered one yet. Maybe I will add one.

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