National Pie Day

So I heard it was National Pie Day. Sounds like something I’d wanna celebrate. Unfortunately my new “lifestyle change” isn’t conducive to having a slice. Here’s a random fact about me….I’m really good at making desserts. My friends say I should open up a bakery/dessert shoppe. Now that would definitely be a lifestyle change. If I ever give up on meeting Mr. Right, maybe I’ll do that. (I say that because I’d probably gain 100 pounds and have to wear a mumu if I had desserts around all day every day). Maybe it’ll be in a bed and breakfast. Better yet, I don’t like mornings, so it’ll be a bed and dessert. I’ll wake up when I feel like it, concoct some deliciously sinful confections, mill around with the guests, take it easy and then of course, sample the goods (job hazard). Not a bad life. Maybe I’ll marry a dentist who likes rotund women, then I could have it all.

So what’s your favorite pie? I of course can’t pick just one, but some of my favorites are Key lime, Black bottom chocolate pie, Caramel pie, and Turtle pie. Happy pie day! Have a piece (or 2) for me!

~ by tawnyamarie on January 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “National Pie Day”

  1. I always wanted to open a bed and breakfast, if only to live in the cool house! I would probably stay up all night cooking, and let people eat breakfast, Clean up the place, and go to bed. I don’t do mornings, either. My friend Lynn said she wanted to open a Dinner and Bed. We could all get together… Breakfast, Dinner, Dessert and BED. I think we could make that work!

    Favorite Pie… um… Granny’s chess pie, my eggnog pumpkin pie. Lots of whipped cream!

  2. MMM….eggnog pumpkin?! That sound de-lish! Yeah, I have to admit having the cool mansion is part of the draw of a B&B, also fixing it up and decorating it before opening for business would probably be the highlight for me. Yeah, I definitely think we could make the BDDB work. All food all the time. Who wouldn’t come?

  3. I know I’d be there! How about you two cook and bake for me while I spend my days writing cheesey poetry, blogging, and keeping the place organized? Those are my skills…though my cookies and carrot cake both rock!

    Favorite pie? Definitely KEY LIME or LEMON – take or leave the meringue – I don’t care – that’s not the good part.

  4. Niki: I’d welcome any business venture that allowed us to hang out all day (and eat sweets)! I definitely would need your organization skills….you’re a pro!

  5. I bet almost 1000 people’s favorite pie is apple! It’s my favorite! So there you go one in case you’re counting! Second favorite is pumpkin…..Abbey

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