Firetrucks and Family Fun

Friday night I headed over to my parents. I took my niece Abbey with me (she’s 9). Since her mommy’s pregnant and she is so excited about having a little sister, lately she has been in baby doll mode. I picked her up and here’s how the conversation went….

“Do you wanna sit in front?”
“No, Megan needs to sit up there.” (Megan, or Mae-Mae is her doll).
“Oh, good, then I don’t need to clean off the seat.”
“Yeah you do. We have to buckle her in.”

I proceeded to clean off the seat, leaving a basket for Mae Mae to sit in. After about 5 minutes of struggling to get her arranged and buckled, we were off. We stopped at Sears Grand for a quick stop, and of course we had to take Mae Mae in, which entailed unstrapping her and then carefully putting her back in her basket seat. Then I made the terrible error of setting my shopping bag on Mae Mae’s feet. Abbey let me hear about that!

The ironic thing is, after all that, we got to my parents, Abbey opens the car door, grabs Mae Mae by the arm, rushes into the house and throws her on the floor. SIGH!

Saturday the other niece and nephew came over, as well as the rest of the family. We celebrated my mom’s birthday with a big brisket dinner. Another piece of irony, as she doesn’t eat brisket. The boys had total control over the TV all day (which translates into all sports all the time). I had brought a movie I thought everyone would enjoy and asked when the TV would be available, to which they responded, “midnight”. Typical. So I got some scrapbooking done and played with the kids.

Dad has a thing about firetrucks lately. He has an old antique pedal car that he recently got restored and it’s now worth quite a bit of money. The kids always want to ride it, so he bought a newer, less valuable pedal firetruck. Then Friday night he came home with a smaller firetruck, which was just Philip’s size. So they had fun on their firetrucks.

~ by tawnyamarie on March 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “Firetrucks and Family Fun”

  1. They are so adorable! So, Abbey is Tracey’s, which sibling(s) do the others belong to? Isn’t it great to be close enough to get together for family events? I can’t wait until Andy and his wife and kids move back down here next year!

  2. Jenn: Molly and Philip belong to my oldest brother, Dave. It is nice being close to family. Where are Andy and family again?

  3. Ever wonder if you were adopted? 😉

  4. Alaska! Kevin and his family are there too. But, as I said, Andy and his wife and kids are moving back next summer, and I can’t wait! We were able to go visit them up there last summer. If you ever get the chance to go to Alaska, GO! It is gorgeous. (Or have you already been?)

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