Procrastination Nation

I heard it was National Procrastination Week. So in true celebratory fashion, I’ve waited until the very last chance this week to blog and to wish you happy procrastination week. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

Tips for dealing with a procrastinator:
1. Don’t think that nagging a procrastinator to do something early is going to motivate them. We like the pressure of an impending deadline. It helps us think quicker. So if you think about it, we are actually being more efficient with our time.

2. Don’t fret when you get your Christmas presents a few days late. It just means the procrastinator in your life shopped the clearance sales and was able to buy more for you.

3. Just because you send out your holiday letter the day after Thanksgiving, does not mean everyone has to. You have to admit, it’s a nice surprise to get a holiday letter around Groundhog’s Day.

4. Setting all the clocks in the house up 15 minutes may work for awhile, but we procrastinators know how to do math when it comes to squeezing out every second we can before a deadline.

5. Don’t ask your procrastinator friend to do anything with you on April 15th. They’ll be slightly busy that day.

6. Getting your birthday present or card a few days late is not an insult. It just means we wanted to make the joy and celebration last a little longer.

7. Getting a wedding present 3 months late, is actually a favor to you. We don’t want you to be bombarded with too many thank you notes to write. (Plus if you get stranded at the altar, that’s one less gift to return).

8. When attending a party given by a procrastinator, don’t show up 30 minutes early. You’re bound to catch them in a bathrobe, with wet hair, vacuuming the floor or cooking dinner.

It’s been another busy week. Body for Life is going OK. I made a pretty good dish the other night and despite the fact that it looks fattening, it was really healthy. I guess you’d call it a pasta carbonara dish. My only issue with it was that there were too many peas at the bottom of the bowl as I finished up.

I had an amusing experience at the gym this week. I was doing my lower body workout and was headed to the leg press machine. My legs are pretty strong. Currently, I’m starting at 180 pounds and gradually increasing to my last set which is 315 pounds. So a guy got off the machine, leaving 6 45-pound plates. Since I start lower, I was going to take one plate off each side. Another guy, who I guess was being chivalrous, sees me taking one off and goes to the other side and says, “Here. would you like me to take all these off for you?”. Nice of him, but it was kind of fun to tell him that I only needed one of them off. Then I proceeded to work up to my usual 315 pounds, while several of the guys there realized they seriously underestimated me. Imagine, he thought I needed to take all the plates off! Now if my arms could just catch up….they’re pretty wimpy.

Cardio is not my strong point, but I do my time. It does make it easier that I have a Gazelle in the basement and I get TV series from Netflix to watch as I exercise. Right now I’m watching Lost and Grey’s Anatomy (Season 1 on both of those, so don’t talk to me about what’s going on now….I’m always way behind on TV shows).

The week or two before spring break is always a rough one with our kids. We had one kid who sprained a staff member’s wrist by kicking in a door she was about to open and then gave another staff member a papercut in her eye the very next day. I can not even imagine the pain. Neither of them wanted to give this kid the pleasure of knowing he made them cry, so they were pretty tough until they could get out of the room.

Only 3 days of kids next week! We stay Wednesday evening until 8 and have Thursday from 8 – 8 to work in our rooms/on paperwork/whatever needs catching up. I always like those days as I usually have lots of cleaning and organizing I need to do.

~ by tawnyamarie on March 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Procrastination Nation”

  1. Tawnya, thanks for the comment! I make about 1/3 of the stuff I sell, I get the cheesecakes from Sam’s but they are Cheesecake Factory brand, and they also do the muffins and bagels. It’s so fun! You will have to come down sometime. -Krystal

  2. Procrastinator’s UNITE! (tomorrow)

  3. Bad Spellers Of The World….UNTIE!

    I am a perfectionist, and a procrastinator. That means if I can’t do it right, I wait a while before trying again. Mostly, it means that nothing gets done, because I know it won’t be right.

    I cannot imagine how a person gets a paper cut in their eye! That sounds so very painful! I have had paper cuts from corrugated cardboard (ouch) and from six-part forms (saline solution glue, SUPER OUCH). And to think, I wanted to be a teacher. I am scared to become a parent anymore.

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