Done Quit All My Packrat Days (That’s a reference to a spiritual, hence the bad grammar)

Spring Break is off to a good start. We worked Wednesday and Thursday from 8 – 8 and had Friday off. Wednesday we had kids until 4, and let me tell you, that zaps your energy. The thought of 4 more hours was a bit daunting, but actually by the time we went to dinner and did some light work, it wasn’t too bad. Thursday was great. I got so much done in the art room. I don’t think it’s ever been so clean.

Friday and Saturday my sis-in-law hired me to do some painting in the house they vacated and are putting on the market. After 2 12-hour days and 2 full days of painting, by Saturday I was exhausted. I just vegged that night.

I was a bit lazy yesterday. Had life group at my house and barely woke up from my nap in time to straighten up a bit. After going out for my free day meal at Dos Reales (excellent Chimis), I decided it was time to start tackling the clutter. I worked from about 10 pm – 2am cleaning and organizing the basement. I threw away 3 big bags of stuff and filled up 2 boxes for goodwill so far. That felt good to rid myself of excess clutter. My best friend, Niki, is coming this evening for a four day stay. Since she’s allergic to cats, she’ll be sleeping downstairs. Of course I cleaned the guest room area, but I also went into the dreaded “dungeon” area and cleaned out cobwebs and all kinds of other nasty stuff. Then I proceeded to stay up until 4, just because I could. I would be a night owl if it weren’t for those pesky jobs you have to get up early for.

So I’m nearing my goal of getting all organized so I can start painting. Next step is to get all my painting gear in one spot.

If any of you are at my house, I would be proud to show you my basement now. However, there’s no way I’d want you to see the garage, as there’s not even room for a tiny car in there at the moment. Every house needs a junk room, and right now mine happens to be the garage. I never park in there unless it ices anyway.

Another bonus this week……Our school contracts were supposed to be signed in the spring and raises take affect in July. We didn’t get ours for this school year until about a month ago. So Thursday, along with our paycheck reflecting our raise, we got a big fat check for all the back pay they owe us.

OK, I’m off to my parents to play with the kids for a bit. Then off to the airport to get Niki. We’re both excited to get a few days of catching up and rejuvenation.

~ by tawnyamarie on March 19, 2007.

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