Spring Break Update

Well the week has flown by. It’s been a week of fun and relaxation and yes, a little productivity. I can’t say today has been extremely productive, but I do have a nice new look to my blog. It’s quite different, huh? I spent an insane amount of time looking for just the right one and then doctoring it up a little. I’m quite proud of myself, as I knew absolutely nothing about html codes, but managed to teach myself so that I could make some changes to the template.

Let me catch you up on my visit with Niki. As you know, she flew in Monday evening from Colorado. We had a great time. As I mentioned, we went to Bo Ling’s that night and then browsed the Barnes and Noble. By the time we got home and did some more catching up, it was time for bed.

Tuesday was a very relaxing day. Niki wasn’t feeling up to par, and I welcomed the chance to sit around and veg. I guess that’s how you know you’re really good friends….you don’t have to be doing anything tremendously exciting to have relish the time together. We both slept in, then sat in the living room and talked for most of the morning. It was so nice not to have the phone and 500 miles between us. I made some lunch and then we settled into our Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

Let me go off on a tangent here for a moment……It’s weird how we both got hooked on this show independently of each other. I like to get TV series from Netflix to watch while I’m exercising or scrapbooking. Recently I started Grey’s Anatomy after getting several recommendations from friends. One Sunday, I watched 4 or 5 in a row while I scrapbooked. The funny thing was, later when Niki and I talked, we discovered she had done the very same thing. She was sick on the couch and watched a bunch back to back on the very same day. How weird is that? Anyway, we were both ready to start season 2, so she brought it along.

Now I’m not kidding when I say a marathon. The show is so engaging, it really did not seem like we watched over 8.5 hours straight of it. Yep! We were up until about 3 watching the first 13 episodes. Neither of us have the luxury of doing that normally. I stay pretty busy, and she has 3 small children (need I say more).

Wednesday, we slept in and then headed to Union Station for the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. That really was amazing. It was very interesting to see the artifacts found in the ruins of a community near the caves that housed the scrolls. The scrolls themselves were much tinier than I expected. I’m not sure how much of that was due to shrinkage, but it had to be quite a bit, because they were only about 3 inches tall.

For lunch, we headed over to Crown Center and ate at “Steetcar Named Desire”. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon stamping/scrapbooking. Cinzetti’s is “our restaurant”. Ironically, they only have one in KC and Denver and we always make it a point to go in whichever city we are in at the time. We love Italian and it did not disappoint. After church, we headed home where I plugged in the Karaoke machine. Niki is fairly new to karaoke, but she has a beautiful voice and was a natural. We topped off the evening -actually wee early morning hours – with a couple more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. As it is, I don’t watch the current episodes, because I’m afraid I’ll miss too much of the story. At this rate, I’ll soon be tuning in to the current shows.

Niki’s flight back was Thursday afternoon. So after sleeping in, and getting packed up, we headed back to Bo Ling’s. When she found out it was only a KC thing (and Florida, which doesn’t help) she suggested we go back. I of course did not complain.

The time flew by so quickly. I’m so glad she got to come out. By the way, she’ll be blogging about the visit too, and she will probably be more detailed in her account (J that she is and writer that she is), so visit her blog for more. Speaking of J’s, Niki is very organized, to the point I think she could work as a professional organizer. Just for all you J’s out there, I’ll have you know that she said my house (including my stamp area) was very organized! So there you have it, proof that we P’s are not complete slobs! If you have no idea what I’m talking about with all the J and P stuff, go back and read the February blog entitled “The Battle Between Js and Ps”.

As for the rest of my break…..today I was lazybones. Tomorrow I’m going to work on some scrapbooking and get ready for a stamp class I have coming up on Tuesday night. I’m lamenting the fact that Spring Break is almost over! How could that be? Just a weekend left, and those fly by.

~ by tawnyamarie on March 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Spring Break Update”

  1. I love Grey’s Anatomy too. McDreamy’s hair especially. 🙂 Glad you and Niki had so much fun, sounds like a great girls’ week! I’m still on cloud nine from the Josh Groban concert. I think Chad is about sick of hearing about it! 🙂

  2. Wow!!! That’s one sexy fairy! Hope your Mom doesn’t see that! ;)jk.

    My 4 day computer fast came to an end today…sorry I didn’t check this out sooner. I LOVE IT!!

    Your description of our week was awesome. I had such a good time – other than the whole feeling crappy on Tuesday thing. Grey’s made up for it…and the Fried Ice Cream flavored ice cream! I wish
    I could afford to visit you more often – you’re a fabulous hostess.

    Let’s chat soon.

  3. Niki: Glad you like her. In some ways I debated….you know, it’s something you might see on some 14 year old’s blog, but I don’t care. I love the roses, the colors, the fairy, the whole aesthetic appealed to me.

    I had a great time last week too. Can’t believe it’s over already!

  4. […] March was Spring Break and this was a particularly good one because my best friend from Colorado came to see […]

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