Getting in my ZZZZZZs

My goodness, I’ve been so tired this week people have been asking if I’m OK. That’s always great when you look how you feel. It was one of those days that I almost went and took a nap on the teacher’s lounge sofa after school so I could make it home. Instead, I opted for a Pibb Zero. It’s a 40 minute drive home, but on nights (like tonight) when I have something going on at the church building (20 minutes from home and on the way from work) I try to kill time in the area to avoid the excess driving and the whole “get home, relax a bit, and turn around and come right back”. Unfortunately, with the 2 hours I have to kill, it’s really convenient to shop at the Michael’s or Target, or one of the other 40 million stores in the area. Today, I opted to take my to-go dinner to the park, sit in one of those really comfortable lawn chairs I happened to have in my trunk and enjoy the weather. The plan was to eat, read for my usual 10 minutes and then get in a serious nap. It was just a bit too chilly though, so I ended up sleeping in my car with the windows partly down. After about an hour of that and a serious neck kink, I started up the car and as I did, 2 teenage heads popped up in the car just a few feet away. I think they thought they were alone.

Someone needs to start a business where you can rent out a quiet room for about an hour if you’re in need of a nap. (And I’m not talking about those sleazy hotels you can rent by the hour.) There’s just not a good place. I think sleeping in the library or at a coffee shop would be frowned upon. Monday I did sneak into the church building early and slept on the couch in the foyer. Ooohhhh, just had a brainstorm. I could go to a matinee and sleep through it. I’d have to pick something a bit boring, that doesn’t appeal to kids, and with no bright flashy action scenes to wake me.

Whew. Someday I’ll get my sleep schedule back to normal. Spring break threw me for a loop.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the painting I need to post here in the next few days. I have been busy with a secret project that I won’t be able to post, but I will try to get something up. Unfortunately, it may have to be a piece that someone commissioned me to do. A co-worker is paying me to paint her son’s leather breach cloth. It’s for some organization related to Boy Scouts. I’ll be painting a White Buffalo, as that’s his Native American name. I have never had a more unique painting request. Well, actually, I take that back. Once someone paid me to paint a large angel on a window shade so that her 90 year-old mother would have a comforting sight each evening as she pulled the shade.

~ by tawnyamarie on March 30, 2007.

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