Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. Ever pulled a good gag? I can’t say I’ve pulled any really memorable pranks. Although a couple years ago, when the kids came in for MMARS on Friday, we gave them old socks and told them we’d be polishing all the scuffs off the gym floor. They started working and I think they were actually disappointed a few minutes later when we told them it was a gag.

One of the best April Fools “pranks” was actually an unplanned thing. Some of my girlfriends from church and I had planned to go to “First Fridays”, an evening when many studios in the art district are open to the public. Three of the group backed out. The Extreme Makeover, Home Edition was in KC and they were big fans of Ty. So they planned to get up at 3 or 4 am and go over to the site. Instead of going out with us, they stayed home and made T-shirts and hardhats.

We had a good time at the art walk (though it was too crowded for my taste). Afterwards, I suggested we go to Figlio’s, one of my favorite Italian places on the Country Club Plaza. It was about 9 or 10 pm by then, so the place was almost empty. There was one other large party in the corner and a couple of other tables full, but that was it. Suddenly, as they were getting up to leave, I realized the large party was the cast of the Makeover show. I whispered to my girlfriends. They’re a tad more excitable than I am, so they gasped and suddenly had to make a trip to the restroom to get a closer look. I sat alone at the table while the food came. When they returned, they said they had to call the other girls. With it being April Fool’s Day, they didn’t believe us at first. To think they stayed home when they could have had an up close and personal encounter with the cast, including Ty! I wonder if a scene would have been caused if they had been there. It was neat we got to see some famous people, but my philosophy is that they’re just people. I don’t want to follow them around with a camera and autograph book as if they are more important than everyone else in the restaurant….. So that was my accidental, not really a gag, April Fool’s Day story.

Seems like all I’ve posted about this week is how tired I’ve been. I did enjoy sleeping in today very much. Got some errands done around the house, including the first mow of the season. Seems like I was just shoveling snow.

~ by tawnyamarie on April 1, 2007.

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