This weekend was pretty busy. Saturday, Tracy and I had a pampering day. We went to get pedicures. She is getting to the point she can’t reach her toes and I was cashing in her birthday gift to me from last fall (couldn’t bring myself to waste my pedicure on winter feet that wouldn’t be seen for 4 months). Then we went to her hairstylist to get hair cuts. I consider it splurging to spend more than $15 on a haircut. The stylist was very nice, but I don’t really like my hair. I got bangs, which I haven’t had in years. They aren’t quite long enough to do much with. In fact when I woke up this morning, they were sticking straight out. Yikes. Guess I’ve been blessed with non-bed head for years and now it’s catching up to me.

Saturday night I had game night at my house, which is always fun. We played Tribond and Scum. There’s pics on our TNT blog.

Sunday my family came to my church. We had an Easter concert and I had a solo. I think it went well, but since I couldn’t hear myself I had to ask my sister if my voice cracked or anything. Thankfully it didn’t. After church, we all went over to Tracy and Ben’s for a yummy Easter dinner. Here are some photo highlights:

Tracy, Ben and Abbey

Molly didn’t like wearing her hat but agreed for one picture as long as she could wear Auntie T’s slippers.

Philip on the other hand loved wearing the hat.

Molly, Abbey, Philip

Posing for “Alabammy Grammy”

~ by tawnyamarie on April 11, 2007.

7 Responses to “A BUSY WEEKEND”

  1. What is Tracy’s husband’s last name? He SO looks like a guy I went to school with, also named Ben. -Krystal

  2. Wow. Yeah, Ben and I were in Freshman Bible together, we’re the same age. That is CRAZY. -Krystal

  3. When is Tracy due? We are counting down here, only 8 weeks and 2 days to go!

  4. Tracy’s due around the 4th of July, so not too far behind you at all.

  5. So I finally found my way to your blog. My girl thought your fairy was really pretty. Me, I’m loving your pictures. I’m off to peruse your posts now…

  6. You have very cute “niecephews”. (Stole that word from my blog friend Dustin R.)

  7. Tawnya, the reason I haven’t named a dog after Josh Groban is because I’m saving that name for one of the kids! HA! Just kidding. At least Chad hopes I’m just kidding anyway. 🙂

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