Creative endeavors

It’s been a productive few days for me, at least creatively. A teacher at school commissioned me to paint a white buffalo on a leather breach cloth for her son. I stayed after school Wednesday and painted it. I had never painted on leather before and it was not easy. This was the suede type of leather and it was difficult to get the paint down into the nap of the leather. It was one of those paintings that seemed like a disaster at first, but suddenly started working out pretty well. It turned out better than I expected. (I wonder if God ever thinks that about us, His living, breathing little pieces of art that sometimes seem like messes that will never amount to anything. Isn’t it amazing how he can turn a disaster into a true masterpiece?) Anyway, the teacher had given me a picture to work from, so though I painted this, it is not an original composition.

Friday after work, I went with my friend Jenelle to a gem and bead show they had here in town. I’ve never seen so many beads in my life. It was like a huge candy store for adults. I bought several pretty beads. Saturday I went over to Jenelle’s and made some jewelry. Here’s my favorite piece. It’s made with yellow turquoise (which I’d never even heard of).

~ by tawnyamarie on April 30, 2007.

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