Dog’s Day out

Tonight we had a picnic with our singles’ group at a park that happens to have a doggie off leash area. It was the first time I took her and she loved it. It was like doggie heaven…..lots of other dogs to sniff, room to run and people to pay attention to Sasha (her #1 priority).

I did notice that my dog is not that playful. If she were a child, she would flunk PE. All the other dogs were running and chasing each other. She went around being social, sniffing the others in that canine way. They’d start running and getting rowdy and she’d meander back my way. Then she spotted a whole gaggle of dogs being walked with their owners. She decided they were more her speed and tagged along with them. It was reminiscent of a clique in Junior High with the one straggler running along behind thinking, “please like me. I wanna be cool too.”…….I don’t think she had ever seen a chihuahua. She was so intrigued with that dog. She kept following it around, probably trying to see if it was a cat, as it was smaller than our cat. Her favorite dog was a cousin breed…..the husky/malamute mix. It was a beautiful dog and was almost the same shape and size. Sasha definitely wore herself out. She totally enjoyed herself. I’ll have to go again.

I commented that someone with no pets could go to that park and sit and have lots of doggie time. One of my friends said, “Yeah, but I don’t want to be that weird person that just hangs out at the doggie park”. I can just see it, all the doggie moms and dads will keep their pups close by and whisper amongst themselves about the doggie predator that’s always sitting on the bench but never seems to have a dog. Somehow Emily, you don’t seem like the predator type. Here’s a pic of the dog walking my friends.

~ by tawnyamarie on April 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dog’s Day out”

  1. Sasha HAS met a chihuahua…my little Mia! 🙂 Henry is about 10 pounds. They get along like the typical brother/sister. 🙂

  2. Oh yes….I’d forgotten that they met. I think that was the day you got her though and she didn’t leave your purse, I mean hands. I don’t remember Sasha’s reaction, do you? Probably cautiously curious. My goodness. My cat is bigger than both your dogs!

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