Well there have been a few things lately that have boggled my mind. They have ranged from frivolous and silly to seriously frustrating. Here are a few….

1. The Applebee’s saga continues. Well, if you’ve followed my blog, you know that there is a certain manager that over the past few months has been flirtatious with me. I offered my number and never heard from him, yet he continued to flirt. Friday I went in with my regular group. Even though there was a waitress standing right there by the menus, he rushed over to seat us. As he grabbed the menus, I noticed a big gold wedding band (never been there before). That would explain a lot. However, through the course of the meal, as he walked by, I noticed that he no longer was wearing said ring. Hmmmm. At any rate, I tried not to make eye contact.

2. As I was searching for a doggie picture for one of the kids at work, I ran across this book….HMMMMmmmmm……Now as you’ll recall, my house is rife with resources for the would-be canine knitter. See below picture to refresh your memory… I wonder if I could start a new E-bay business….Fido Fluff by the pound. Or I could buy the book and produce many pieces of apparel. I’ll start taking orders from all of you who have enemies with dog allergies. Would you prefer the Samoyed legwarmers for the more subtle affront to the sinuses or the Sammy scarf for a direct attack? Remember, better a sweater from a dog you know and love than from a sheep you’ll never meet, or (gasp) some synthetic material that was never even part of an animal’s hide.

3. I recently went to the doctor for all my hormone problems. My number one complaint was that despite serious diet and 6 days-a-week exercise for 3 months, I failed to loose one lousy pound. The other complaints were things like extreme fatigue, moodiness, etc. After putting me through some invasive tests, the doctor’s nurse calls back with something like, “Well, I know you’ve had a hard time losing weight. But sometimes when your body is not used to being a certain size, it doesn’t function as well. If you could even lose 10 pounds, you’d feel a lot better.” I wanted to scream. (There I go being moody again.) If I would just get on the ball and lose those 10 pounds all my problems would be solved! And to think I paid them for that piece of sound advice! According to that theory, all my skinny friends would never be tired or moody. Any of you petites wanna vouch for that?

4. A funny from work. This is from the 16 or 17 year old girl who is the source of most of my funny stories. She has a job in the community at a fast food place. A vocational trainer goes with her and she does cleaning type tasks. Thursday, 2 highway patrolmen walked in. Our girl, who shall remain anonymous, walked right up to them, got right up close and said, “Excuse me officers, what seems to be the problem?”. Can’t tell me that girl doesn’t watch a bit of TV. My oh my, maybe you have to know the girl, but I chuckle every time I picture that scene.

5. Same girl a couple of weeks ago…….We had Cinco de Mayo MMARS on Friday the 4th. One of the games entailed the kids donning a sombrero and dodging a huge ball that the other kids rolled at them. This was our version of bullfighting. I had demonstrated, improvising with a red athletic penny as my cape. At the end of MMARS, that girl (I’ll have to make up a fictitious name….any suggestions?) usually hollers something like, “Bye, Beth. Thanks for a good MMARS” or “Bye Mary Jane. Thanks for the farm MMARS.” Well on this particular day she hollered, “Bye Tawnya. Thanks for being a good Mexican!”

6. I’m going on a cruise tomorrow!!!! What am I doing online? Gotta pack!

~ by tawnyamarie on May 14, 2007.


  1. This is Soooooo not my thing!!! lol I like Sasha, she’s a great dog, but I don’t ever want to be “wearing” her around all day. No thanks! haha

    I hope you have a great time on your cruise. Post some pictures! Talk to you soon!

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