OK, OK…..I should be in the other room unpacking from my 10 day trek across country. I should be cleaning up 10 days worth of dog hair (for that sweater I’m going to knit). I should actually go get my bags out of the car since I got home yesterday at 7:30 am. But no, here I am at this stinkin‘ computer. It holds such appeal when there are things to be done. Like yesterday when I thought I’d just jump on for a few minutes and find a new blogskin. Several hours later, I had found a site that enables you to design your own without having to know html codes and all that fancy stuff. So as you can see, that’s what I did in the wee hours of last night. There’s a link to the site over on the yellow sidebar….look for PsycHo……. I do have lots of catching up to do on this blog. I was gone more than half of May on 2 separate vacations, so I have much to tell. But priority wise, taking a shower has got to come first. SO I bid you adieu for now.

~ by tawnyamarie on June 4, 2007.

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