Friday….Last Day in Colorado

Friday came all too soon. Vacation time was nearly over. I packed up and we took the kids to Colorado Springs that afternoon. We visited the Current Outlet and Focus on the Family. That was a neat place. They had a 3 story tornado slide called “A-bend-ago”. Downstairs in the kids’ area, they had the town of Odyssey laid out (from the radio show “Adventures in Odyssey”). There was plenty for the kids to do.

Outside of “Whit’s End” Ice Cream Shoppe.

The wardrobe from Narnia:

Before we knew it, it was time to take me to the airport. I had a 7:00 flight. We left Colorado Springs in plenty of time. However, the traffic was horrible, and what should have been about an hour drive turned into 2 and a half hours. At 6:30, I was still not at the airport. I prayed for a delay, and definitely got my wish. The flight was delayed until 8:20. Good thing because by the time I got through security and to my terminal, it was 7:20. We had more delays, so I didn’t get into KCI until after midnight. Tracy picked me up and took me over to their new house (a lot happened while I was gone). I spent the night there and got up in the morning, picked up Sasha and went home.

I definitely have to thank Niki and her family for putting their normal routine on hold to host me for a great week. Thanks for the hospitality! And thanks to Benny for watching the kids so Niki and I could go do touristy stuff.

Here are some last pics from the car on the way to the airport….

~ by tawnyamarie on August 6, 2007.

One Response to “Friday….Last Day in Colorado”

  1. What’s one more day in Colorado? 😉

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