Wednesday in Colorado

Wednesday was a leisurely day at the Nowell household. While I got to sleep in most mornings, the Nowell children are early birds and got Niki up around 7:30 every morning. We enjoyed some of the fine teas we purchased at Celestial Seasonings, had lunch, and then headed to their Chiropractic appointment. We had planned to go to their neighborhood pool, but since it was closed, we had the chance to take Petey to play in the fountains at the Promenade. I’ve always wanted to play in the fountains. It’s nice having a 3 year old around as an “excuse”.

That evening, we went over to Rebecca’s house. Rebecca is another friend of ours who was in the York College Choir with us. She sang 1st Soprano, Niki sang 2nd Soprano, and I sang 2nd Alto. She has quite the impressive Karaoke set up in the basement. So I got to enjoy one of my favorite pasttimes…singing.

~ by tawnyamarie on August 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “Wednesday in Colorado”

  1. Thanks for not posting that one certain picture of me singing. lol

    Loving the pics of my kiddos! 😉

    Miss you already.

  2. awww great pics of Niki’s kids. What’s this about a certain pic of Niki singing…???? I wanna see it!

  3. I think the pic she’s referring to is the one of her doing karaoke with Rebecca. I don’t think it’s a bad pic at all.

    Glad you like the kiddo pics. Why is it kids are so photogenic? I mean you never see ones of them you don’t want to show everyone (as is the case with pics of our adult selves).

  4. Oh….Just remembered there is another certain pic. I won’t post it, but let’s just say, it gives me a good chuckle every stinkin’ time I look at it. Maybe I’ll make it my screen saver!

  5. Don’t you dare! lol

  6. HA! Now you can see that I’ve changed my profile pic! 😉 You’re a great photographer Tawnya!

  7. LOL If it’s that good… I think you should email it to me. LOL

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