The Birthday Weekend!

Well it was the big 3-5 this year. And it was a festive, fun-filled weekend. It may be a faux pas to throw a party on your own birthday, but hey it keeps me from getting depressed about how old I’m getting. (It really works; try it). So I planned an 80’s themed murder mystery party and had 20 of my friends participate. I gave them a character and they came in costume and acted their role. I was really impressed with how well everyone got into it. I expected there to be a few party poopers or at least a few that just were so out of their element they didn’t know what to do. Everyone acted their part and some of them were quite the hams. Best part of the party was that I invited people from all aspects of my life….some from work, some from church, a few from my college days, and a few from Grad school. It was the first time my friends met each other, so it was fun to see all my worlds collide.

My friend Keri and I have recently reconnected. We were both at York College our freshmen year. I hadn’t seen her in years, but I got to see her 3 times this year. We met for dinner when she was up here for a business trip and met in Branson last month. She drove up from Springfield for the weekend and that was a nice treat.

So here are the pictures from the party….

Here’s the whole group crammed into my living room. Not pictured is the class gossip (Tekia) who was taking the picture.

My college roommate from my Freshmen year and her husband…..Jennifer and Joe as the Math nerd and the Math cheerleader. My college friend Keri and my church friend Joe as the class president turned politician and his wife.
Friends from Grad school – Jake and Deb as the Jock and the Cheerleader.

More friends from grad school. Ray was the token male in our art therapy program. He and wife Katrina were the band geeks. Me and my church friend, Emily. I was the hall monitor and she was the reporter. Unfortunately you can’t see my hot pink legwarmers.

My sister and Ben as the Prom King and Queen. Her character ordered him aroud all night. Julie, from work. She was Molly Ringworm, the drama queen. Mary Jane, music therapist from work (and sometimes travel companion). She played the valedictorian and know-it-all.
Ronette and Beth from work. Ronette was the pom pom captain turned choreographer and Beth was the punk. She won best costume.

Jenelle, who used to work with us and her hubbie, Jared. She was the class flirt and he was the audio visual geek turned Hollywood director. Here’s Chris from church playing the class ladies’ man (looks like a used car salesman to me).

It was lots of fun. I highly recommend it. I will definitely do another one sometime. Now that I have my friends all warmed up, maybe we’ll move on to something more challenging like pirates or fairies.

~ by tawnyamarie on October 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Birthday Weekend!”

  1. Wow! O.K.
    1. I absolutely LOVE this template and as soon as you get tired of it, I’m stealing it…IF it works on wordpress.

    2. Great party pics. I’m incredibly jealous that I was not part of the bash and so sad that I couldn’t make the trip to celebrate with you. Love the costumes…but who was the murderer and who died? You never told me. I want details woman!

    3. Glad you’re blogging again. I’ve missed you on the web. 😉

  2. It looks like a riot! I might have to try one of these murder mysteries.

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