Confessions of a 3 month old


I went over to Auntie T’s tonight while Mommy and Daddy mowed their yard.  I always have fun over there. Of course, I don’t want the folks to know how much fun I have; they might get jealous.  So I always act like I’m mad they’re leaving. You know, cry up a storm, scream a little. Then when they’re gone, I can be the little angel that I am.  Of  course, I can sense when they’re coming back, so I usually try to cry some more for their grand entrance. It makes them feel good when they get back and I act all happy to see them. Of course I am, but I have them thinking that I think I can’t live without them.  Pffftt!



As you can see, I can hold my very own bottle.  Auntie T taught me that. She said she needed a bathroom break or something so I took over holding the bottle. Hope mom and dad don’t see these pics or I’m busted. Pretty soon they’ll have me changing my own diapers.  Better to act all helpless. That’s where the crying comes in handy.


 By the way, don’t tell Aunt T, but she sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” totally different than mommy does. I guess she doesn’t know you’re supposed to change keys every other measure to keep things interesting.  That’s how mommy does it anyway. She did make a pitiful attempt at imitating Mommy, but I can tell the difference.


I also got to stay up past my bedtime. I’m such a big girl. It’s like dinner theater at Auntie T’s. First I fed myself and then I lay back and watched the show. There was a terrific production of Noah’s ark playing tonight.  And I always feel like a movie star at Aunt T’s; she’s always snapping pictures of me. You’d think she’d never seen a baby before or something. 


 Well by then it was time to put on the show for the folks. They thought I couldn’t wait to see them;  actually I was just mad the dinner theater ended so soon. But as I said, it really strokes their ego to make them feel wanted and needed.  A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do! 

Signing off until next time!……Milan

~ by tawnyamarie on October 16, 2007.

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