Angels Among Us

Today I was surprised by a Birthday package from my friend Niki.  It was a nice addition to my growing army of angels..000_0802.JPG

I don’t know what it is about these angels, but ever since I first saw one in January of 2000, I immediately was intrigued. True they have no faces, which bothers some, but I think it makes them more universal. You can picture the face of a friend on them because they are ambiguous. (OK, so that’s sappy. I don’t really do that).

 I love each of my angels for different reasons. Some for the aesthetics, some for the memory of the person who gave it to me, and some for the beautiful symbolism they convey through a simple item, gesture, or pose.  Oh if only I were the one to think of these.  I’d be independently wealthy by now. 000_0803.JPG

So here they are….

Angel of Joy,
Angel of Prayer,
Angel of Patience (the point is punctuated by the fact that she is dusty).
Angel of music (she sits on my piano)
Happiness (I love this one with the bluebirds. Her tag says “free to sing, laugh, dance, create”. That is so me…..well maybe not the dancing part.)
Angel of Friendship (Very special because it’s direct from my friend Niki…I love the flowers.)
Angel of Harmony (My very first. I played flute so I really liked this one.)
Angel of Giving
Angel’s Embrace (This one is special because my niece was with grammy in a Cracker Barrel at the tender age of about 4. She saw it and said something like, “Look, that can be the Auntie angel. It’s me and Auntie T.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’s a little boy.)
Thank You Angel (Love the purple flowers; plus there’s gotta be one different in every crowd. This one I can face to the back.)
Loving Angel
and Angel of Warmth

 My angels have a love/hate relationship with my cat.  I don’t know if he’s jealous or what, but if you look closely, you can see where he decapitated poor little miss angel of giving. I used to have the angel holding the cat (angel of kindness), but he knocked it off the piano and after what I did to the cat I felt guilty having the angel of kindness and threw it away.  Kidding. I am not cruel to my animals. It was beyond repair.

 So maybe I didn’t come up with the whole nicey-nice angels, but I have come up with an idea for sarcastic angels.  Here’s one I made for a friend on her 30th birthday…..

000_0807.JPGI even made a fake slogan card that said something like,  “Angel of Aging: Embracing her silver years with grace.”  and wrapped it up in a real willow tree box and everything.  (And she thought she was getting a sweet sentimental gift!)

 I have some more ideas for my new line. I thought I’d do an angel of laziness (with TV remote in hand); an angel of motherhood (very pregnant and barefoot with 3 or 4 ankle biters tugging on her dress); an angel of PMS (Ben & Jerry’s carton in hand); angel of Ageless Beauty (with Botox needle) and an Angel of Thriftiness (made of plastic and knitting a sweater out of dog hair) and last but not least, an Angel of cleanliness with a bottle of bleach and toilet brush. The possibilites are endless. If you need a special, one of a kind gift for someone, I’m your girl!  Anyone can buy a Willow Tree angel at the local drugstore, but not everyone has an original Tawnya  “Tongue-in-cheek” Angel.

~ by tawnyamarie on October 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Angels Among Us”

  1. I remember that ‘Aging Angel’! You’re right–the possibilities ARE endless!

  2. I also love those angels. I like them with or without the wings. Something about them is just comforting to me. There is a softness and sweetness to their sculpture. I have a few, I still need to send a pair to my best buddy in Phoenix.

    I look forward to the “tongue-in-cheek” versions. One of a kind art!

  3. I think these are beautiful as well. I have a couple of my own and they are just simply wonderful.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  4. LOL I loved watching you create the aging angel. It was during the yard sale, remember? Too Funny! I still have my picture of it and it always makes me laugh. I’d collect your version too. I like the picture of your “army”. I may have to do that myself. I’m glad you liked the one I sent and that it is sort of “our thing”. I didn’t get you my first choice because I thought you already had it…but I don’t see it in your collection so…;)

    I’m glad I could extend your birthday a little longer. lol

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