I May be in the Minority Here, But I Can’t Stand….

1.  ….coffee. Unlike some coffee haters, I don’t even like the smell of it. Add just a drop or two to an otherwise decadent dessert or ice cream and you’ve ruined it in my opinion.

2.  …strawberries. I’ve been called Un-American for this one. But I have the right to detest those seedy, tart little suckers. I once had my hostess in Germany make a whole Strawberry Rhubarb pie just for me. (Can’t stand rhubarb either). You should have seen my face as I played polite and gagged that slice down.

3.  yogurt….I wish I liked it. It comes in so many intriguing flavors and is so good for you. But blech!

4. …sour things. I don’t think food should make your face screw up and distort as if you’re having convulsions. Put plenty of sugar in my lemonade if you please, which leads to #5…..

5.  …lemon in my water. If you ask me, it tastes what I imagine Endust would taste like (never tried it though in case you’re wondering).

6.  …vegetables (for the most part). Now to be fair, there are veggies I really like. But let’s put it this way: it’s easier to list those than the long list of detestable ones. And honestly, the ones I like are the starchy ones that often are considered “starch” and not vegetables anyway so I don’t think I get full credit for eating them (though shockingly, I do like green beans, peas, asparagus, and limas).  So although I don’t hate all vegetables, I honestly think I could go through life as the opposite of a vegetarian and not miss them much at all.

7.  ….the thought of eating anything that comes in its carcass. So no pulling out lobster meat from it’s dead shell for me. I’ll pass on the crab legs too for that matter. But leave the carcass in the kitchen and I can totally handle it.

8. …watching the news. Too depressing and leaves me feeling helpless to change anything. I’d rather live by the motto, “Ignorance is bliss”.

9. ….dating, especially first dates. I keep hoping each first date will be the last first date because dating stinks! Why are teenagers so anxious to do this again?

10.  …..flannel. Hate how it feels on my skin. If you ever want to torture me, give me a long sleeved flannel nightgown and make me sleep between flannel sheets. I’ll toss and turn so much it’ll start a fire.  I do like how it looks, I just don’t want to wear it.

11. ….cucumber scented lotions. Why are people so crazy about this? You’re basically spreading an un-pickled pickle on your skin.  Not crazy about it.

12…..Crowds. This one may make me sound crazy, but I promise I’m not agoraphobic. I do like people. I just don’t want 20 of them getting in my bubble.  I can’t even enjoy a good art festival when I’m too busy getting annoyed with people to look at the art.

13. ….politics. In my younger years, I was much more opinionated, but have long since decided that there are much more important things to get passionate about. That’s all I even wanna say on the subject of politics.

14. ….watching sports on TV. Instant doze-fest. I do like some sports in person, but it quickly loses its appeal when televised. Nothing can put me to sleep faster than the sound of a baseball commentator’s voice.  About the only sport I enjoy on TV is figure skating, but that’s more of an art form.

15.  ….too much routine. I know it’s somewhat necessary to organize one’s time, but why do we always have to cater to the organizational types out there. Can’t we have just one day out of the year when we go to work whenever we feel like it and change the schedule all around?  (Wait; what am I talking about, I work with the autistic population?!)

~ by tawnyamarie on October 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “I May be in the Minority Here, But I Can’t Stand….”

  1. You make me laugh! I’m with you on everything but the coffee and watching sports on TV. I also wished I liked yogurt. But it has a weird twang or something. And I’ve started liking lemon in my water ever since I found out lemon juice is a diuretic and helps you lose water weight. 🙂

  2. I guess I have to join in on this one on my own blog. I am opinionated enough to make it work as a meme. My big bad can’t stand it is: Stupidity with Authority. I despise people who really have no idea what my job is, much less what their job is, telling me what to do. Drives me nuts. I love this entry!

  3. Hey, the organized think they need to rule the world! Since there is no stopping them/me from their/my obsessive need to micromanage, just continue to do as you do, progressing in your own way, keeping yourself happy. It may drive them/me crazy, but that’s what delegation is for in life – to pass on some of the responsibility to others!! If B and J can’t handle it, TOO BAD! DO you ever do things on purpose just to stir them up? Admit it, you do (I do, too!). mj

  4. I found this to be hysterical. 🙂 Awesome. 🙂


  5. Taj/Lurch/Tatanjia/Tanja: What should I call you now? Good to hear from you! Glad you liked my idiosyncracies! Do you blog? I’m gonna check your facebook page for an address.

  6. Wow. Reading this reminded me of why we got along so well. I share your dislike/hatred for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, & 15. Good to know not much has changed.

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