How many Walmart Associates Does it Take to Mix a Gallon of Paint?

Apparently, three. 

 I’ve been working on my basement, turning it into a creative oasis (aka studio).  I’m going to put all my stamping, celery-3.jpgscrapbooking, fine art, and jewelry making stuff in one spot. What was once a dingy corner of the basement, will soon be one organized, beautiful place to create stuff.  It’s a lovely shade of celery green. 

Sunday, in the process of getting it that inspiring shade, I ran out of paint. Hate when that happens. So I trudged to Walmart in my very painty paint clothes for more. Seems like this is always a major ordeal.  Although I am a huge fan of their Kilz paint line, I am of the opinion that an IQ test should be given as a pre-requisite to work the paint counter.  Perhaps that would have thwarted the incident a year ago when the guy didn’t close the lid all the way, resulting in a major spill all over my sandaled foot and the floor.  Perhaps it would have saved me several of the hours I’ve put in standing at that counter in the last few years.  And maybe it would have saved the store about 5 gallons of botched mixes that were made in one visit alone.

So Sunday, I was determined to make it a quick trip. I grabbed the paint chip, looked at the back and got the correct paint can (they usually do this, but I was skipping a step for a potential mess up). Then came the usual ritual of tracking someone down to track someone else down to help me. I ran across 3 guys in the next section. One came over promptly. I must say he was nice and polite (except when he was bad-mouthing the dufus that spilled paint all over the floor earlier).  He appeared to do everything correctly, but the spearmint color that resulted was not to my liking. He had the nerve to tell me that it would dry into my lovely celery green.  I’m sorry buddy, but that hairdryer you keep inadvertantly blowing me in the face with is not a magic paint wand.  I didn’t take a whole semester of Color Theory to fall for that. Just as I predicted, it was not a match.

At that point, associate number 2 comes over, apparently just to flirt, as he did not help at all. Then came associate number 3 (Newhart’s Larry, Darryl, and Darryl came to mind). Larry and Other Brother Darryl then had to review every single step taken in the mixing of my paint. This took about 5 minutes longer than it would have to just make a new batch.  Finally after about 20 minutes, I had my paint. 

So next time, do you think anyone would notice if I wear a blue vest and mix the paint up myself?  With my luck, that would be the one time there would be someone at the paint counter.

~ by tawnyamarie on November 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “How many Walmart Associates Does it Take to Mix a Gallon of Paint?”

  1. So did talking to me before and after said incident help at all? I loved the Larry, Daryl and Daryl comment. lol Too funny! I LOVE that green and can’t wait to see it up close. Paint on my friend!

  2. I wonder if those guys get any clues when they get called “Larry” or “Darryl” many, many times in a day? Those are probably some of the nicer names they hear. 🙂

  3. I painted my living room a nice shade of milk chocolate last night and it looked more like caramel in the can…and on the paint sample…but I love it anyway. I thought of you while I was painting…it was more like “Tawnya could do this SO much better than ME!”

  4. I Google searched if Walmart mixed paint as I’m painting my dining room and no where else is open at 11am and your article was the first to come up. I didn’t read it…until I went to Walmart and it literally took six people to make my paint haha. Turns out that James in pets is the only person in the entire store that knew how…good experience..

    • Oh boy. It’s funny, but this post seems to get a lot of hits somehow and I always wondered why. Guess my experience is not that uncommon! Sorry you had the same hassle.

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