Autumn in New York

Day after Thanksgiving. My tummy is definitely full and I’m resting up after a busy few weeks. Last weekend was the whirlwind trip to New York City with several other gals. For all but 1 of us, it was our first time to the Big Apple. Here’s our trip by the numbers…..

7 women.  30 degree weather. Over 171 Starbucks in Manhattan. Bathroom breaks?  You do the math.


 100_4229.jpg18% – The minimum amount of surface area that is required to be covered by signage in Times Square.  (I wonder why 18 and not 20?  Who came up with such an odd number?)  Obviously some of these buildings way exceed the minimum.

000_0860.jpg1,000,000 – Square feet of retail shopping at the Macy’s in Herald Square.  Wow! As a non-shopper, that added up to about 50 times I prayed we’d never step foot in there, for fear we would never return.  100_4438.jpgHere’s a shot of the original Macy’s where they sold everything from livestock to cast iron building parts. 


39 – Number of Broadway theaters in Manhattan (ironically only 3 are actually on Broadway). 
8 – The number of Broadway shows still playing due to the stage-hands strikes.  Zero – the number of shows we got to see.  😦 We were all set to see “The Color Purple”and  “The Lion King”. There were several others I would have loved to see as well.  That was my main reason for going to NYC, but I guess there’s always next time.

100_42641.jpg4 – Pounds of wax and 56,000 bees needed to make the head of a wax celebrity likeness.  We visited Madame Tussaud’s wax museum and got to get up close and personal with some famous people. Some of them were so realistic, it was really eerie; almost like looking into the eyes of a soul-less being.

000_0863.jpg1.5 million – Population of Manhattan.  Hmmm….makes me wonder…. if there was no merchandise and no accounting for personal space, I bet you could cram every Manhattanite into that Macy’s store.  And speaking of personal space, you don’t get that luxury walking down the streets of NYC….Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like crowds?  And this crowd was like being swept away in a current of fast moving, unfriendly people.  Of course you could always come up for air in the local Starbucks restroom (about the only place you could be alone).  

100_4500.jpg86th – The floor in the Empire State Building that boasts the famous observatory (1050 feet up).  30- approximate number of minutes to go through the line and the security to even get to the elevators to the observatory. (Funny, I don’t remember Meg Ryan going through all that in “Sleepless in Seattle”.)  20 – Dollars to go observe!  Whew! Had to do it though.

4 – the minimum number of days I need to have next time I visit NYC. There’s just way too much to see and do. We got a great overview of the city, but next time, here’s what’s on the agenda:

See some Broadway shows!
Stroll through Central Park (we drove around the perimeter in the sightseeing bus, but that was about it).
Visit the Met.
Visit the Statue of Liberty (as opposed to zooming by it on the Ferry).
OK, even though I’m not that fond of shopping, I am curious to see inside of that Macy’s now.

To view all the photos from the NYC trip, click here. (And please keep in mind that I took the majority of those photos out the window of a moving bus, so they’re not my best work by any means).

~ by tawnyamarie on November 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Autumn in New York”

  1. How about the two of us go sometime next year? I have until August to use my free ticket…just have to save the money for hotel, food, and shows. What’s that about $100 a month? lol

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but who’s the wax guy?

  3. Niki: Now that would be a fun trip! Actually anywhere with you would be fun.

    No, no, most people wouldn’t recognize him. It’s Pablo Picasso. His self portraits were so abstract the only way you’d recognize him is if you happened to have seen a photo. I took that for the kids at school. We just did a little unit on Picasso, studied his blue and rose periods and made abstract self portraits.

  4. Ha! I thought it was Aaron Spelling. Shows how much I stayed awake in Art Apprec.

    I am so glad you had fun. NYC is one of my favorite places.

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