So what was all that I was saying about luck?

So my normal radio station has frequent contests, and being that I like free stuff, I often try to call in. They usually ask questions that are way too easy so everyone and their dogs are jamming up the phone lines.  Today I heard they were giving away 2 CDs with video features from 3rd Day, one of my favorite bands. They asked a trivia question about the band which I did not know the answer to (wow….actually a hard question). I pulled a guess out of thin air and after a bit of hesitation, decided it was worth a shot. Of course it was busy. I decided to try one more time and got through. I spouted off my guess, heard him say, “You are correct”, and then realized that I was in a cell phone dead zone…the place where I usually cannot get service.  I hoped that I could at least spit out my address and phone number before I was rudely disconnected. That would have been “just my luck” as they say. But I made it. So glad I wasn’t being recorded because I kept saying things like, “huh, can you repeat that”.  Somehow I defied the cell phone dead zone and will be getting my CDs in the mail shortly.  Luck or blessing? We’ll get into that another day.

~ by tawnyamarie on November 26, 2007.

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