Catching up on a Little TV

Normally I’m not a big TV watcher, but I spent all weekend lying around watching TV and movies. Didn’t leave the house once.  No, I wasn’t being lazy. Truth is, I was sick as a dog. Even when I’m sick, I have trouble making myself do nothing but rest, but this weekend I felt so horrible, I literally was up for about a total of 2 hours. After sleeping all morning/early afternoon Saturday, I tried to do a little light housework. It really did me in and by Saturday night I felt really lousy.

I’m not a cable subscriber, but I’m a big fan of the capability to watch TV shows online on your own schedule.  Found some new ones that I really enjoy. A friend at work had recommended “Pushing Daisies”. I loved it. I found it very quirky and original with interesting characters. I’ll definitely be tuning in to that on a regular basis. I also watched about 10 episodes of “Heroes” (and yes, I did get plenty of sleep in between episodes).  

I really hate going to the doctor, especially since they seem to steer me in the wrong direction so many times and I only end up frustrated, misdiagnosed, and $20 poorer.  I did decide that it was either go to work or go to the doctor today and I was glad to get out of bed and get to work (which doesn’t happen often on a Monday morning).  I was definitely having cabin fever. 

I feel robbed though. I want my weekend back. I was in the midst of remodeling my basement…..Remodeling might be an overstatement, but I definitely am doing a major organizational overhaul as well as some painting and moving of furniture. My house is in total disarray, as I have been moving things from the office to the basement and vice versa, with the dining room serving as a temporary holding spot. I’m not a neat freak, but this is driving me nuts.  I can’t wait to get things in some semblance of order so I can start using my studio/rec room downstairs.  November has been a bad month for getting anything done between all the sickness, travel, and holiday.

Speaking of which, here are some pics from Thanksgiving. If you look at my blog often, you might come to the conclusion that there are no adults in my family. I assure you there are, they just aren’t as photogenic as these kids (no offense family).

This is what I call a visual “Ode to Pie”…….

100_4540.jpg 100_4542.jpg100_4541.jpg  100_4536.jpg

100_4526.jpg  (So maybe this isn’t pie yet, but it’s “purt near” considering it’s been all milk up to this point!)

~ by tawnyamarie on December 3, 2007.

One Response to “Catching up on a Little TV”

  1. Hope you’re feeling better by now! yuk! I love Pushing Daisies and have seen almost all of the episodes. Benny watched it with me once and told me it would be the first of the canceled shows. I told him I’m going to watch it until it is. 🙂 Catching up on Heroes as well, huh? Very cool. Just one more thing for us to talk about. lol The kids are adorable – as usual!

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