Snow Days Rock!

100_4661.jpgToday was a “snow day” or perhaps more appropriately, an “ice day”. I love those. I got so much done today. I finished cleaning the office/guest room that used to be my studio. I can now have company without being embarrassed to let them in that room. And I did quite a bit downstairs in the new studio, including moving a bookshelf downstairs all by myself. All my Christmas cards are made, sealed and addressed. I just need to buy stamps and those puppies will be on time this year!  All that done plus I got to sleep in and watched a couple of Redbox movies in the process.

100_4663.jpgSo tonight as I was winding down for bed, thinking, “back to reality tomorrow”, I did not let myself get all psyched up for another snow day. It’s really not bad out and we’re not supposed to get much more precipitation. Well, a co-worker called around 10:30 and to my surprise, we don’t have school again tomorrow!  (Which is why I’m still up at this hour).  Hallelujah!  I am out of Diet Soda though, so I hope I can stand the caffeine withdrawal.

~ by tawnyamarie on December 12, 2007.

One Response to “Snow Days Rock!”

  1. I hope you are enjoying your time away from school and having fun spending time in your “new” studio!

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