Thursday Thirteen

For this, my first installment of Thursday 13 (don’t remember whose blog I got this idea from, but thanks)……..
13 Things About my Christmas break

100_4918.jpg1.  I dropped Sasha off at her favorite doggy spa (thanks again to my sis-in-law and her sister).  They were already watching this rambunctious cutey so Sasha had a playmate. As you can see we had a white Christmas this year. (Actually more snowy days in December than I can ever remember having).  They live just a few minutes from my parents, so it’s a really convenient doggy spa and I have a feeling they spoil her there.

2.  Sunday, we celebrated Abbey’s birthday. I cannot even believe she is already 10 years old! 

100_4820.jpg  100_4806.jpg

3. Mom helped the kids decorate Gingerbread houses.


100_4859.jpg  100_4869.jpg

4. We’re big on being non-traditional in our traditions. During our Mexican Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to have an Italian Christmas dinner. I made my lasagna (which is definitely not WW friendly) and we also had Baklava, Foccaccia bread, salad and a pasta concoction my brother made up which was scary sounding, but good.

100_4873.jpg  100_4875.jpg

100_4896.jpgThis is priceless. His shirt says, “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s”. Well not anymore little buddy. Now you’re on the WWW.

100_4884.jpg5. We opened gifts of course. I got some nice scrapbooking supplies and in the Italian theme, my sis-in-law got me an Olive Garden gift card and some goodies for Rajah and Sasha.


6. We played with our toys…..

100_4830.jpg  100_4917.jpg
Philip can’t decide if he wants to be an artist or an engineer.

7.  We played with each other….

100_4864.jpg   100_4915.jpg
Abbey, Molly, Philip, and Milan              Milan likes to play “peek-a-tongue”

8.  Mom dug out the old pictures and I scanned a few for future scrapbooking purposes. Here are a few old Christmas shots. A couple of friends saw these and laughed at my toothlessness. I assured them that was normal for small children even if they both didn’t go through a toothless phase. Right? Back me up here people.  These are from 1979 and I think 1977, so I would have been 7 and 5. Check out those 70s fashions and the beautiful shag rug at grandma’s house.

Me, my siblings and the 2 youngest are my cousins.

Our family with Uncle Durward on the right.

9.  I headed back to my place on Thursday. Here I spent a day in true lazy style, playing computer games, sleeping in, watching movies and not doing a bit of housework.

100_49251.jpg10. My friend Keri from Springfield was heading in for a weekend visit. She’s a friend from my York College days. I cleaned house Friday and she was here through Monday. We went to the plaza a couple of times.  Saturday we met up with Michelle who also went to York. We wanted to eat at PF Chang’s but the wait was 2 1/2 hours, so we skipped it and had a great dinner at Baja 600.  Sunday, my friend Emily joined us for a second try at PF Chang’s. This time it was only an hour wait. We did learn that those little buzzer/pagers they give you go out of range about 4 blocks away. Oops.  After dinner we drove around and looked at some pretty neat light displays in the area. Here are Emily and Keri with some plaza lights behind them.

 11.  I rang in the New Year with my friend Emily. We made several WW friendly recipes and stayed up until 4 watching movies.

 12. Went to the movies a couple of times over break. Saw “PS I Love You” which was very good. And then last night I went with Michelle to see Sweeney Todd. I didn’t know much about that except that it was a Broadway musical and it had Johnny Depp in it. Being a fan of both I wanted to see it. Let me tell you, the gore factor was over the top! Interesting movie, pretty good music, good acting, but the gore about ruined it for me.  Could have been much more subtle. Michelle commented that she was only saved from vomiting by the fact that the blood didn’t look too real. I had to keep telling myself, it’s just chocolate syrup, it’s just Kool-Aid, it’s just paint.  Blech! Johnny Depp, as usual, gave a great performance at yet another eccentric character. He has a surprisingly good singing voice.

13. I lost 6.5 pounds in my first 2 weeks of WW! Woohoo!  I had my official weigh in tonight. I kept saying I should be satisfied if I maintain since it’s the holidays, but I was really hoping I’d lose some. I had to chuckle to myself when at the end of the meeting, the leader said, “You all should be proud, as a group you lost 8.5 pounds this week”.  Wow! Considering about 75% of that was mine, the other 12 people must not have had such a good week.

 So anyway, 6.5 pounds may not seem to be much (especially on a tall person like myself), but considering how many times in the last year I’ve tried to lose some and felt like my hormones were fighting me tooth and nail to keep it on, this is a great start and what I needed to stay motivated.

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One Response to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Of course being toothless at Christmas is normal. Otherwise, why would I know all the words to “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”?

    By the way, I really enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas video you shared by email. Kai posted a version in his blog, and when I commented, i shared the version you sent. He liked it even better.

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