WWF (Weight Watchers Friday)

Well occassionally on Fridays, I’ll post some healthy recipes and/or recipe reviews.  The other day, Emily and I made the following recipes from the WW website….

100_4938.jpgCrab Rangoon – I had such high hopes for these. I love Crab Rangoon. I’m not going to post the recipe because I think it needs some tweaking. These wontons got a little too crisp in a chewy sort of way. And the filling was too crabby and not garlicky enough.

 100_4940.jpgChicken Pot Pie with Flaky Phyllo Crust – This was really good. The crust would have looked prettier had I made it in a 9″ pie pan and trimmed it to fit, but it was still tasty. This is a keeper recipe. Here’s a link: http://www.weightwatchers.com/food/rcp/index.aspx?recipeid=50468

 and a Chocolate/Diet Soda cake (no pic) – basically you take a cake mix, add 1 can of diet soda and 2 egg whites and bake per directions on cake box. For a healthier frosting, mix 1 tub cool whip with a box of sf pudding.  I have to admit this cake was not “to die for” but still pretty good. I am excited about all the possibilities. You could try spice cake with orange soda and cheesecake pudding.  Or Cherry chip cake with Diet Cherry coke and Vanilla pudding.  Oooh…….endless possibilities.

Finally, I had a treat tonight that was only 2 points and tasted like a sinful indulgence. Buy the “No Pudge” brand brownie mix. On the box is a recipe for a single serving (basically just mix 2 T with 1 T vanilla yogurt and microwave for 1 minute). Top it with Breyers free (1-point) ice cream and some Reddi Whip and you have a delicious treat. I would have taken a picture, but it was so yummy looking I had to eat it. Maybe next time.

~ by tawnyamarie on January 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “WWF (Weight Watchers Friday)”

  1. The Slim-a-Bear Chocolate Mousse bars are only 1 pt. I believe. They are a MUST BUY.

  2. Sasha was a lot more impressed with the crab rangoon than we were!

  3. I LOVE the plate the crab rangoon is on. 🙂 I may check out a few of your recipes. Thanks for the link. The chocolate thing sounds REALLY good.

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