A Posting from Sasha, The Samoyed

Hey, I’m getting better at the computer. Every day when mom is gone to work, I work on my keyboarding skills. It’s hard when your nails need clipping, but I have all day. Yesterday, I encountered yet again the miniature human. I worried about how this one got so small, but she seemed happy enough.


 I sniffed her out. She checked out, though I did detect a mild scent of lavender mixed with doo doo.  Not sure what that’s all about.


Overall, I found this mini human, whom they were calling “Milan” pretty delightful.


She giggled and smiled a lot but didn’t say much ….


We became fast friends. 


My only problem with her is that Mom seems to like her more than me! HMMMPHHHH!


Click here for a video greeting from me. Signing out, Sasha Samoyed.

~ by tawnyamarie on February 19, 2008.

One Response to “A Posting from Sasha, The Samoyed”

  1. Such a beautiful pair! Milan is so pretty, and you do a good job of photographing her. *gasp!* those Eyes!

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