Random Question of the Week

Do you name your car and/or other inanimate objects?

Typically I don’t. However, my friend also has an Elantra she calls “Ellie” and her roomie has a Saturn named “Frank”. One day they asked what my car’s name was. I said that since I have an Elantra GT, it could be “Ellie Gert”. Do I ever talk to Ellie Gert or call her that? No. Are my friends crazy? I don’t know. But coincidentally, they are also the friends that call Rajah (and other cats) the spawn of Satan. (So you be the judge).

So leave me a comment with your answer.

~ by tawnyamarie on February 26, 2008.

10 Responses to “Random Question of the Week”

  1. I have named only two cars … the first was a red Chevy Cavalier that within the first 6 months of owning it, I backed it out of a garage and knocked one side mirror off. Being an Art teacher, I of course named it Vinnie (short for Vincent Van Gogh.) My other car with a name was a Honda that I named Fenry. (Get it … Fenry Honda?? Oh well, maybe you have to be old enought to know who Henry Fonda was.)

  2. Oh Lynnette, that is just perfect. I love Vinnie for a car. Now that I could do. I just wouldn’t talk to Vinnie (he only has one ear anyway).

  3. I don’t typically name things. However, my cousin had a Nissan Altima identical to mine except for the color. Her’s was Nelson the Nissan. I felt like if his twin had a name, he should too, so I called my car Albert (Albie for short) around her. Otherwise, he was just “The Altima.”

    I DO find myself giving objects human qualities now that I have a toddler, though. I’ll say, “That wall hurt you! I’m going to give that wall a spanking! You mean ‘ol wall! Don’t you hurt my girl!” Things like that… I think that’s just natural parenting stuff, though I’m not sure it gives the toddler a very accurate view of reality! 🙂

  4. I don’t name inanimate objects. Ellie Gert? That fits. I’m still reeling over you being friends with someone who doesn’t like Oreos. 😉

  5. Niki: I know. The oreo hater is the same person as the friend who hates cats and talks to her car, Frank. She must be a great person for me to still be friends with her.

  6. I name things if they seem to suggest a name to me, or if it’s easier to call them a name rather than what they are. For example, I named my mp3 player ‘Boq’, because it was silver and shorter to type. 🙂 I have named cars in the past, but I only refer to them by name rarely and usually just to myself.

  7. My hubby also had a Fenry Honda, it was an Accord. I had a teacher that named her huge white car (land yacht, seriously) Knight in Shining Armour. I had the Baby Battery, it was a copper-topped Ford Fairmont. Hubby’s dad had ‘Thuse, short for Methuselah, an OLD truck. I named my dad’s Green Ford the Green Monster (was too young to know about the wall in the baseball stadium). We could wash it, and the sponge would turn green.

    I also tell kids to apologize to the floor if they hurt it by falling. It gets them thinking of something else, not crying over the pain.

  8. Jake calls the civic “Sid” and he does have a name for the van, but it escapes me. He never actually refers to them with these names…but it’s kind of funny!

  9. My car in high school was called “Toot”. It made funny noises. Why is it the more personality a car has, the more likely it is to have a special name?

  10. Hey T-Bird,

    Cool blog! Thanks for sharing that with me.

    I hope things continue going well with James. That’s very encouraging to hear! Good for you!

    By the way, I was in Gary, Indiana on Saturday night for some boxing matches featuring a female boxer, Mary McGee, in the main even!

    I’ve posted up a preliminary report, along with several photos at the following link. More will follow later:


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