Pirate Peril Party

This past weekend, I had another murder mystery party. It was a lot of fun. This time I bought the game from a different company so I could compare. This game was much more open-ended. While in the other one prescribed person was set to die and everyone else figured out whodunit, in this game, anyone could die, bribe, scheme, steal, or commit mutiny on the bounty.  

 Yet again, I was pleasantly surprised at the level my friends got into this. I am well aware that not everyone is into dressing up, roleplaying, and acting murderous. And I knew that dressing as pirates would be more of a stretch than the 80s party back in October. But take a look at our cast of characters….


There was Captain Hargrave with her weird collection of glass eyes that looked suspiciously like ping pong balls (played by Jacey from work).


And Rusty Mike. A sailor with many a secret. Like, just what is hiding behind that eye patch. (Played by Patricia, a friend from Wichita).


Then perhaps the most sinful of characters, Drunken Willie and Dirty Dana, the opium dealer. Mystery how Willie’s locks are so luxurious, but then again you know what they say about rinsing your hair in beer. And Dirty Dana the whole time pretending she’s a Bible thumper wanting to do Bible studies all the time.  (Crystal from Wichita, and Mary Jane from work).


On the other end of the spectrum, there was Sister Agnes. A seemingly pious individual with secrets of her own. (played by Emily from church…remember all those jokes about church of Christ nuns??).


Esmerelda, the gypsy lady (played by Tekia from church). Esmerelda, just where do your healing powers come from, pray tell?


And Rummy Ike, (played by Kristen from church) just how did you get that black eye?


Saucy Sue (played by my college friend Michelle who was in town from Georgia). Just what are you collecting for that spell of yours? Need any dog hair?


Slippery Pete (Greg, Michelle’s boyfriend). Did you know you’d be the only real guy at this party? 


The party mascot, our own little seadog.


And me, the deck hand. I wasn’t really a character, just acted as the host and tried to control the mayhem. When all was said and done, we ended up with 4 murders,  100_5443.jpg  100_5452.jpg 2 healings, 2 re-murders, and at the very last minute, the captain was thrown overboard and the ship overtaken. Alas, no one recovered all the parts of the treasure map, so the treasure still lies buried. 100_5418.jpg Dirty Dana, I wasn’t aware this was a Christian cruise. What’s with everyone bringing their Bibles? 100_5447.jpg  Greg, is that you hiding behind a gaggle of women? 100_5438.jpg Schemers…..they’re cat-haters. Probably scheming how to do away with my precious puddy tat.

Here’s more party pics

~ by tawnyamarie on March 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pirate Peril Party”

  1. Those are wonderful pictures!! I had a great time! If my watch or necklace ever turn up, let me know…

  2. Doesn’t Sasha look adorable?? Tell her I’m sorry I missed her!

  3. Found them! They were in my purse the whole time!

  4. Sasha really got into it didn’t she? lol Love Saucy Michelle! 🙂 I’m so glad everyone had a great time. Your costume rocks! One of these days…

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