Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, trying to get back on track as far as WW goes. It went by the wayside somewhat over Spring break. Follow that with a week of several dinners out, soup day at work, and a major chocolate craving one day, and I pretty much blew that week too. Amazing how just a few days off plan will really stunt your progress.  As far as recipes, the only new one I have to share of late is my version of Southwestern Turkey burgers. Recipe here is a loose term.

Take 1 lb of ground turkey. Stir in a handful of crushed low fat tortilla chips, a bit of salsa, and season it up really well. I use mesquite flavor as well as lime juice and whatever else looks southwestern. Form into 4 patties and cook on the George Foreman grill. Top with low fat spicy cheese (or cheddar) and serve on a low fat bun. Only about 5-6 points (depending on the cheese).

I guess there is one other good “meal” I sorta discovered. If you’re in the mood for chips and dip (which could be disastrous as far as points go), buy the WW Smart Ones Sante fe Beans and Rice. Eat it with some low fat tortilla chips. It’s pretty yummy.

~ by tawnyamarie on April 3, 2008.

One Response to “Weight Watchers Wednesday”

  1. Keep up the good fight. Never give up. I will take a walk after praying and being on your website. I know you will succeed. You look great in this picture. I like your blog. Last night I went to my uncle’s memorial service. It was great being there to see many people whom I grew up with and had not seen in years.

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