Thursday 13….More About My Catch of the Day, I Mean Lifetime

So I guess I’ve kept you waiting long enough. I promised more about James.  First off, some things we have in common. At first glance who would think an athlete and an artsy girl would have much in common, but…

  1. We both work with special needs kids in a school setting. He’s a teacher in an alternative classroom of a middle school. This isn’t really his cup of tea though, so he’ll be looking for something in his field….history.
  2. We both like volleyball. (Although, this is kind of laughable.)  As I told him, I’m only kinda good when I’m on a church women’s league where the average height if 5’4″. He on the other hand is a real pro. He’s played in the AVP tournament…you know the 2 man beach volleyball you see on TV. So I’m a little intimidated to play with him on a league if that opportunity should present itself. He’s very dedicated to the sport and practices 3 – 4  times a week, which is above and beyond his gym workouts.
  3. We both are very frugal. I’m a bargain shopping queen and he loves that because he’s frugal too.  When we go out to eat, we often split a meal. He definitely is not materialistic and is not obsessed about money in the least.
  4. We both love animals. He has 2 black labs and I of course have the dog and cat. When we take the dogs for walks, it looks like an oreo. Make that a Double Stuff Oreo.
  5. We’re both down to earth, or as I like to say, low maintenance. Wait, that sounds bad. How about non-high maintenance.  And though with other dates I’ve felt this innate need to impress them, I feel totally comfortable around James. He’s seen me in sweats, without makeup….couldn’t imagine after dating someone a few weeks that I’d be comfortable with that.
  6. Of less importance (but still an added bonus), we’re both tall. I’m 5’11”, so it’s hard to find guys I can look up to.  While I have gone out with shorter guys, it doesn’t exactly make me feel feminine.  With James at 6’3″ I sometimes feel short compared to him.
  7. We’re both Ps (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here). We both like spontaneity and flexibility over rigidity and routine.
  8. We both love to travel.
  9. Most importantly, we are both Christians and have been praying for the right person to come into our lives.

AND other qualities I love about James….

  1. He is open and honest about his feelings. With James it’s not like most guys where you have to pry them open to get at what they’re thinking or feeling.  He’s very forthcoming about his feelings and I find that very refreshing. Emotional availability is one of the main qualities I was looking for.
  2. He treats me like a queen. Who wouldn’t like that?  This boils down to him being a pretty selfless guy and a complete gentleman.  If I try to get my own door, he gives my hand a little slap.
  3. He’s very health conscious and takes great care of himself. He eats organic food, drinks purified water, takes multiple supplements and of course works out. He hasn’t been naggy at all about getting me on the bandwagon, but since he plans to live to 100, I find myself wanting to make some healthy changes.
  4. He is a friend to anyone. He has some fairly seedy neighbors, but he doesn’t let that stop him from being friendly, offering a listening ear, or giving some financial assistance. He’s the kind of guy that could befriend about anyone. What a great ministry that is.

 So there you go. There’s much more I like about him, but 9 + 4 = Your Thursday Thirteen. 

~ by tawnyamarie on May 8, 2008.

20 Responses to “Thursday 13….More About My Catch of the Day, I Mean Lifetime”

  1. HOORAY! I am grinning from ear to ear! You, my dear, deserve ALL this happiness and I pray God continues to heap His blessings on you and James!! HOORAY!!

  2. Yay, thanks for FINALLY cluing us in!!! I can’t wait to meet him in person!!

  3. He’s cute…bring back the goatee. lol 🙂 Comparing the dogs to Double Stuff Oreos? – Can you two be any more compatible???
    And I take personal offense at the “rigid” comment which is opposite to being a “P”…which you know is a “J” meaning me. O.K. I’m not really upset, but come on…rigid? That sounds so harsh! 😛

  4. I can’t say HOW happy I am for you! He looks like a great guy, but more importantly from what I read on your blog he SOUNDS like a great guy. Grats Girl and I wish you two ALL the best!

  5. Yay, YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY! I cannot be happier for you! Boy, I tell ya, I’m absent for awhile (ok, a LONG while), and this is the wonderful surprise I come back to! I guess I’ll have to be absent more? No, I am trying to get back to keeping up with everyone. I am really very happy for you! 🙂

  6. Can we get an UPDATE? I think all of your loyal readers would agree?!

  7. O.K. BFF…you’re coming up on a month here. Am I going to have to call James and make a special request that the two of you blog together so you’ll post again? Huh? Cuz I will and you know it. 🙂

  8. That’s strange…I guess I wasn’t logged in. Oh look…there’s my picture. 🙂 Anyway, I agree with what that Niki person said. lol

  9. hello……
    (hello, hello, hello…)
    Still no update?
    I may have to actually use the phone! (shocking, I know!) Your loyal readers await an update. 🙂

  10. I must concur with all of the other neglected readers…time for an update!

  11. Wait…make that WAY PAST time for an update. A month tomorrow! Oh, and by the way, I’m being induced on Monday, so I won’t really be reading whatever you update until after I’m home, but for goodness’ sakes! UPDATE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. LOL…i have to agree with devon (even though i’m not being induced and will be here to read your comments) it’s a month TODAY! and nothing new and juicy to read! we’re dying here! 🙂

  13. I don’t even think we need juicy, we just need new material. I was bothered by lots of people after only a week… girl, you have four times that, and still this peer pressure is not working!?!? Have you done any traveling, painting, or picturing lately?

  14. DID YOU RUN OFF TO LAS VEGAS AND ELOPE? You’re forcing us to jump to conclusions, you know! 😀

  15. Keep up the harassment…it might be working…is it Tawnya? Please say yes. 🙂

  16. Do you people have nothing better to do than read my blog?? J/K. Can’t believe it’s been a month. I started working on a post last night, but James showed up and obviously I didn’t finish. He’ll be out of town Saturday, so if I don’t get one up tonight, I WILL do it Saturday……no we did not elope!

  17. No, we do not have anything better to do than read your blog. 🙂

  18. Where’s the post your promised? Saturday was yesterday. Your readers are going to start making up stories about you.

  19. Saturday has come and gone, and still no post to read. Better watch out, I will take you off my blog list! Just kidding. But, seriously, where have you been? (I have a song from Linda Ronstadt in my head… looked for you forever and a day)

    Our princess jumped over the moon, caught a star, and ran away with the wizard. We are gathering a searching party now…

  20. Try shopping in the 6’5″ and above section. I think the altitude deprives them of oxygen for too long. Glad you found you one…and he’s sweet!!! 🙂 Keep me posted. Hugs- Lurch

    PS: I have my own paint story and “Amen” on the idiots at Walmart.

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