OK, OK, OK. Mercy! I’ll Write!

I was told never to succomb to peer pressure, but in this case, I guess the pressure is warranted. So now, for my demanding readers, a recap of the last month (can’t believe it’s been that long). …..

Before I even met James, I had bought tickets for “Wicked”, my favorite musical, which was playing here in KC. I planned a weekend with my Wichita theater-loving friend, Patricia and a friend of hers. In the meantime, James asked me to go to Albuquerque to watch his volleyball tournament and to meet his best friend who lives there.  Before I bought the plane tickets, I double checked my Wicked ticket (it was $80; can’t waste that).  I went ahead and booked my flight. Later, as I read Patricia’s blog, I realized I might have my weekends crossed. I went back and checked my ticket and sure enough, I had misread it. What I though said 18, actually said 10.

What a bind! So I had to miss Wicked and my friends had their fun weekend without me (BTW, I’ll get back to Albuquerque later). Patricia called me later in the week and said she was coming up again to play the Wicked lottery and try to get tickets. Here’s how the lottery works….You show up 2 1/2 hours before the show and put your name in a hat (along with the 50 – 70 other people there). They draw out about 10 names and those people then have a chance to buy 2 tickets for just $25 each. I thought it was a long shot. In fact I went Tuesday and was bummed at the time wasted and parking money wasted to get nothing but bum luck. 

 However I went Thursday with Patricia and what do you know, I was the third name called. Not only did we get dirt cheap tickets, but they were in the second row!  Patricia was way excited to be seeing it for her 15th time! She’s such a fan that we went and waited for the incredible actress (an understudy ) to come out for a pic. Here’s Patricia and the de-greenified Elphaba…..(if you don’t know much about the musical, you’ll have no earthly idea what I’m talking about).  Excellent show, very impressive talent.

 100_6066On to Albuquerque….Watched James play (also very impressive)…Visited with his friend and his wife, who took us to the Petroglyph National Monument and a Casino (James and I had never been). We felt like that was a complete waste. His friend gave us each $20 in a slot machine. My impression of the modern slot machine – real exciting – you sit there and push a button and watch your money disappear.  They don’t even have the handy dandy handle that makes it at least feel like your skill in pulling the lever might actually affect the outcome.  So anyway, that’s all for now…

~ by tawnyamarie on June 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “OK, OK, OK. Mercy! I’ll Write!”

  1. *dies of shock* That’s the picture you took that I despaired ever seeing! I’m so excited that it’s finally seeing the light of day! Good times, good times….want to see it again in Omaha this year? The Chicago production is closing this month to become a second tour. I had really wanted to see it again before it left but it’s not going to be possible. However, my friend in the Chicago cast is joining the tour, so hopefully I’ll get to see him some other place!

  2. Wicked is showing in Memphis at the Orpheum this summer. You’ve inspired me to go see it. We’re actually making a trip to KC on April 1 to see Phantom of the Opera at Music Hall. The kids are quite excited and needless to say, so am I. It’s one of my favorites, and I’ve never seen it. We were able to see Les Miserables in Little Rock a few months ago, the first exposure my teenagers had to theater beyond their own performances.

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