Chicago Revisited

A few weekends ago, James had a volleyball tournament in Chicago. I was there 2 years ago and just loved the city, so I jumped at the chance to go. I had a few vacation days to use up by the end of June, so that worked out perfectly. We flew in on a Friday morning and had the day to explore before his tournament on Saturday. We stayed at a hostel (couldn’t find any hotel rooms under $150/each). Here’s a picture. It was really in a charming little neighborhood. 


We discovered a wonderful little Austrian bakery around the corner that was fabulous. We ended up eating there at least once a day. James is the kind of guy to strike up conversation with anyone, so we got on a first name basis with the Austrian owner, Michael. James spent a couple of years in Germany with the Army, so it was like a trip down memory lane for him.  I don’t remember the name of the bakery, as it was in Austrian, but it’s on the east side of Clark street near Roslyn street.

That evening, we headed to the Chicago Art Institute, as they had their free admission night. I had James take my pic by some famous artwork that I’ve taught the kids at school about…

 The next morning, we got up early and headed to the beach for his tourney. We were early, so we snuck in a little nap.


He played well (though he didn’t place). It was a warm day, and after playing, he washed off in the water (it was freezing).

Saturday happened to be his birthday, so I treated him to some Chicago deep dish pizza. They sure are proud of their pizza ($40 for one large). It was good pizza, but not $40 good; I’ve had better. WE only ate half and took the rest back to the hostel. He kept his with him, but I insisted it would go bad, so I put mine in the community fridge. Sure enough, someone got themselves $10 worth of pizza for free. So much for trusting humanity. Here’s how I felt about that….

We visited several sites over the weekend. I happened to notice that the Field Museum was free for teachers. Techically I am not a teacher, but since I’m a therapist at a school, I have a School/Teacher ID. James didn’t have his with him, but he showed his principal’s business card, and they let him in too.

We also took in the Shedd Aquarium. It was about an hour before closing time, so James asked if we could get a disount for being late. OF course not, but that prompted me to ask if they gave teacher’s discounts. They did! Another free museum. 

WE also spent a lot of time just walking around Lincoln park, which was near our hostel. They had a beautiful pond where we fed the ducks, 

a free zoo,







and a beautiful free conservatory.   We headed home Monday night, after taking in the Navy Pier and the free Stained Glass Museum there. My feet were so sore and tired, I had to buy some tennis shoes the last day. We walked 15 – 18 miles a day!


~ by tawnyamarie on July 11, 2008.

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  1. So did you stay at the Arlington House?! ‘Cause that street looks VERY familiar. 🙂

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