When it Rains…

So, as you can probably guess, I’ve been a little busy with wedding planning. That’s a given. Overall I’ve enjoyed the chance to be creative. It’s very much a DIY wedding, and it’s amazing how much money can be saved just by thinking outside of the box a bit. So far it hasn’t been too stressful, but there have been a few other things contributing to a little stress in life (and yes they all cost money)….

1. My air conditioner broke. In the car or in the house, you ask? Both. The car’s AC was running intermittently. The faster I went, the better it worked (I can just see explaining that to a cop). It finally gave out completely on what had to be the hottest day of summer. That was a little $200 ordeal which led to a diagnosis of another $500 problem which has not been addressed yet.

2. The house AC was not working at all and was leaking a ton of water into the finished part of the basement. It was fixed under my home warranty. They said I just needed a new filter. They fixed it for free since they considered it maintenance. However, after said maintenance, it runs extremely cold – about 60 degrees even if you set it at 78 or so. And the leak is back.

3. Another leak sprung up in another part of the basement. This one got some of my art stuff wet and basically ruined. I think I mostly fixed that with some quick setting patcher. I did miss one little spot though, so that’s on the “to do” list.

4. In the meantime, my kitchen is being remodeled. Here’s how it looked last night….  …and just to refresh your memory, here’s the before (you’ll notice the corner windows as a reference point).

Yes there’s a whole wall gone!  I had to go during the break and buy a new range and a dishwasher (didn’t mind shelling out for that since I haven’t had one in about a decade). I’ll also need to pay the contractor in a week or two when it’s all done. Ironically the day I went to buy the appliances, I tried to make biscuits and discovered that my old oven no longer worked. So much for selling my early-80s appliances that work great on craigslist.

The whole house is covered in dust, I don’t have a working oven and I don’t want to cook because there’s no way to clean up anyway.  So that leads to more eating out which leads to more money.

5. My yard is covered in weeds. I’m not the best at keeping up with the yard, but this year is out of control. Between wedding stuff, remodeling, setting up wedding registries, and working, (oh yeah, and spending time with James) the weeds just aren’t high on the priority list. Yet every time I come home from work I look at them and feel embarrassed by my yard.  I’m expecting a note in the mail any day from the city (they’re picky here – I once got a warning letter because I kept my trashcan by the garage door instead of out of sight).

6. The commuting. I don’t even wanna know how much gas I’m guzzling. 45 minutes to work each way; 30 minutes to James’ place each way; 20 minutes to church; I’m just on the go constantly.

7. I got a bill from a recent doctor visit. The Dr. was rude. I arrived at 3:30 (my appt. time). She said, “I don’t know if I can see you, I’ve got an appointment). I assured her it would be quick as it was just med management. She saw me for maybe 10 minutes. Though my insurance payed most of it, she billed for a whole hour and I have to take care of part of that. Makes me wanna call the insurance company and rat her out. I won’t be returning to her.

Overall the wedding plans are coming along. SO much is falling into place, especially through the generosity of friends and family. I’ll post later about how that’s all going. I’m going to bed. (And yes I sleep fine, despite all the weeds and leaks and dust).

~ by tawnyamarie on August 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “When it Rains…”

  1. Ok, girl. You need to call us. One, I’m married to a man who builds cars from the ground up in his spare time, and two, you know I’m going to ask what else we can do to help so just accept that I’m that way…..and tell me, what can we do to help? 🙂

  2. I was just gonna tell you that I’m ALSO going to be out of town this Sunday for your shower. *frown* I hope you have a fabulous shower and are showered with many blessings! BTW, did you know that Sunday is Patricia’s b-day AND my b-day??? 🙂

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