2009! (Heavy Sigh!)

I’ve always been a sigher. I sigh when I’m frustrated, bored, content, daydreaming, or for no reason at all. It’s not something I consciously do, but I remember my sister pointing it out in church when we were growing up.  I guess unbeknownst to me, I let out an audible sigh every few minutes….that’s a tad embarrassing.  My new husband has noticed this little quirk of mine too. We’ll both be sitting in the computer room, each on our own computer and he’ll suddenly ask, “What’s wrong, Muffin?”. Only then do I realize I’m sighing again and I assure him nothing is wrong; I’m just a sigher.

When I think about catching you readers up from the last few months of not writing, I have to admit, it produces a big ol’ sigh. I mean a lot has happened. Where do I even begin? I think for the sake of simplicity, I’ll go with my old theme of Thursday 13 and do a re-cap of 2008…(so many life-changing events happened this past year, so it’s going to be difficult to narrow it down to just 13)! And just for the record, it probably won’t be Thursday anymore when I finally post this.

100_51491. In January, I made a trip down to Georgia to see my good college friend Michelle. She and I reconnected a few years ago when she came through on a road trip. We hadn’t seen each other in about 13 years. Anyway, long story short, while here she met a guy and they have been dating long distance for the past 3 years. So I went from not seeing her at all in over a decade to seeing her quite often (she even lived with me the past few summers while on break from teaching). So I spent a long weekend down there visiting and we went to the zoo, where I got to see pandas (only 7 zoos in the US have them). And we also took in the World of Coke, which was fun. Here she is at the tasting station where we tried probably about 100 types of Coke products from around the world. Don’t remember much, but I distinctly remember that if you’re ever in Italy, stay away from the drink called “Beverly”!

 2. In March, I decided to have another murder mystery party. This one had a pirate theme and was a lot of fun. We had about 10 guests. I think it scared the men off to think about dressing up as pirates, as only 1 turned up. As it happened, Michelle happened to be in town, so she and her boyfriend were 2 of the guests…..


3. My nieces and nephew have continued to be a lot of fun. They are really growing up. Abbey just turned 11, Milan is 18 months; Molly is 5 and Philip is 2. They all live nearby.  And they all played a part in my wedding in September….here are some pics.   To give credit where it is due, most of these shots were done by my sis-in-law’s dad.  Mycollege friend, Taj and her hubbie flew out to be the official photographers. When I get all the official pics , I’ll post a more thorough gallery (or at least a link).

img_0139Abbey was a Jr. Bridesmaid.

n752670906_1817622_1745Milan was barely old enough to walk down the aisle, but she did it and was so cute. (This is one of Taj’s pics. She did a great job from what I’ve seen so far.)

img_0184     Molly was the other flower girl. She showed Milan how it is done.

img_0080And Philip was the Ring “Bear”. (When we asked if he wanted to be in the wedding, he said he wanted to be the bear that went down the island. So we went with that.)

4. In April, I officially got to put an end to online dating! Yeah! I met James and we knew pretty quickly that we had something special. Within a week we were exclusive. And we’ve been together nearly every day since we met. I never thought I’d be one of “those people” who got married so quickly, but I guess when you’re older and know what you want (and what you don’t want) it’s pretty obvious when the right one comes along. 


 5. In May my friend Patricia came up and we won the “Wicked” lottery, which gave us 2nd row seats for $25 each.

6. James is a Volleyball player. I like volleyball too. I thought we’d have something in common. Boy was I wrong. He’s a serious volleyball player. And though he’s considered old for the sport, he still is very good. In the height of his career he was really good, and probably would have tried out for the Olympics if not for an injury to his knee.  So I was very surprised when I saw him play. He plays 2 man sand volleyball and travels all over throughout the summer to play tournaments. (BTW, who would have thought I’d end up with a serious athlete?).  So I got to go on a few of the trips with him, including trips to St. Louis, Chicago, and Albuquerque.


 7.  In June, after only 3 months of dating, James popped the question in a very romantic spot….in front of Monet’s waterlilies at the Art museum. I said yes of course. We planned an early fall wedding, so that meant lots of wedding planning through the summer.


 8.  Earlier in the spring, before I met James, I had planned to remodel my kitchen. My contractor became ill and had to put off the work. In hindsight, it was not a good idea to have that going on while I was trying to plan for a wedding. As it worked out, he finished up a month before the wedding. To save money, I had ordered unfinished cabinetry. So here I was with kitchen wedding gifts coming in and no usable cabinet space to put them in. I did at least get the cabinets themselves stained and varnished before the wedding. The drawers came later and I still have yet to do the doors. The floor is still not done and the walls need to be repainted. But overall, it’s a big improvement.

9. On September 27, I got to marry my new best friend.  There was a lot of stress leading up to the wedding, but really it was everything I always wanted….beautiful outdoor fall weather, falling leaves, and lots of friends and family. I’ll tell you more about it when I post the pics.


10. Speaking of friends and family, another highlight was seeing so many old friends when they came for the wedding. In college, I was in a little unofficial club called “DOE”. This stood for Depressed (or Deranged, depending on our mood) Oreo Eaters. It was really just a group of about 8 girls that got together after hours on occasion to talk and laugh and share about our lives. It was kind of neat because we came from all different social circles, but had this DOE thing in common. Anyway, it was thrilling to have about 5 of the DOE members come to the wedding along with several other college friends inluding my first roommate and some Choir friends.  My best friend Niki came for several days before the wedding and became my executive assistant, helping me tremendously with all the stressful little last minute details. And as I mentioned, my friend Taj and hubby Tom came to do the pics. They actually got here Thursday night and were a tremendous help with lots of things that were driving me crazy.  Anyway, here’s a pic of the DOE girls at the wedding….I think Tom took this one of Taj, Keri, Me, Niki, Megan, and LaRica.


And just for fun, here are some of us back in our York College days….n553646471_424968_2658

Niki, Laura, Amy, Rachel, LaRica, Rachel, Megan, me


Taj, LaRica, Rachel, Rachel, Amy, Me, Laura, Niki

11. We took a wonderful Honeymoon to the Riviera Maya (the area in Mexico near Cancun). It was beautiful and we did a whole lot of nothing, which was nice after the previous few months. One of the highlights was swimming with the dolphins. I only have 1 picture because they charged an arm and a leg just for this one……And Arghh, you would think after paying $20 for one picture, you would be able to download it to your computer. As it is I only have the option to print, so guess you don’t get to see it just yet.

12. I have a wonderful new extended family. James and I are both very blessed that all of our family live in or pretty near to the KC metro area. We both have 3 siblings which equals lots of nieces and nephews and well, leaves in the tables at family gatherings. Here we are with James’ parents….


Also I gained 2 dogters when I married James. We now have his 2 black labs and my Samoyed (plus my cat, which he doesn’t claim).


On our walk: Lacona, Sasha, Jewel.

13. We had a wonderful Christmas and Thanksgiving and with family being close, we didn’t have to miss any of the family gatherings. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful 2008! OK now. Ready, big sigh of contentment (or relief if you didn’t have such a good year)……MMMMHHHHHH. May 2009 bring many blessings!


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