Fork and Scream….or Shame on You AMC!

1066491_money_grabberWell the shameless shenanigans of those greedy movie theaters have officially reached their all time low in my book.  It’s not enough that they are already committing highway robbery right and left.  To begin with….$10 for a movie ticket?! Are you kidding? Why do we let them get away with that (especially when we can see the same movie 3 months later for a buck)? I’m pretty much to the point that I will not go to a movie on a weekend and pay full price. Being the cheapskatefrugal person that I am,  I have found ways around that. When we do want to go to the movies, we go to the cheap theater, the matinee, or we just go during the week. (We were delighted to discover last summer that although AMC’s ticket prices soared to $10, they only charge $5 for movies on Sun -Thursday. ) 

We hadn’t been to the movies in awhile and I was so looking forward to an after school rendezvous with my husband for a movie before I had singing practice.   It wasn’t exactly a convenient rendezvous for him. He had to drive 20-minutes out of the way and through traffic so I’d be in the right part of town for my practice. We also had very little leeway in our schedule, so he went to the trouble of packing up a quick supper. I slopped it down in the car before we headed inside to get our tickets.  We were late. (We now plan that because we don’t like being forced to watch 30 minutes of commercials.)  The ticket guy took my card as he announced the total price, $20. Not the $10 I was expecting for the 2 of us, but $20. I asked him about that. He then proceeded to tell us that $5 went towards the movie ticket and $5 went towards credit at the concession stand.   Apparently this was a “Fork and Screen” feature.  When I saw this cutesy little phrase online while looking up movie times, I erroneously thought it was like other theaters in the area where you could order food IF YOU WANTED TO and they’d deliver it to your seat.   We asked if they could sell us a ticket with no food option. Of course not. They’ve now fixed it so you have to buy their food (at least at these “fork and screen” features).

Don’t even get me started on movie theater concession stands. OK, too late, I’m already started. I rarely buy food or drinks at the movies because it is such a rip off. Why do we let them get away with charging over 500% what you’d pay in a grocery store? I mean, sure I love popcorn with a movie, but I have to be pretty desperately hungry to cave in to those prices.  And let me sidetrack on another rant here. Are we so spoiled that we have to have all of our favorite goodies at every single movie we attend? Apparently so. As I sat absorbed in the very emotional flogging and beating of  Jesus during  “The Passion of the Christ” the mood was interrupted when the person next to me  loudly crunched their popcorn as if watching pudgy p4074403puppies running across a field of flowers….  But I digress.  Back to the $5 food credit they’re offering. How generous is that?!  You could probably get a large drink with that, a napkin and a straw (and as much ice as they put in those drinks, that’s about the equivalent of a can of pop). You’d then have maybe a buck and some change left. You’d feel compelled to use that $1 -1.50 of credit because after all, you payed for it.  But you’d then find yourself in a quandary. What would you get? Nothing is that cheap at the movies. You’d either shell out 2 or 3 more bucks to get what you want or just lose your money.  Nice little marketing ploy SCAM you’ve got going there, AMC. I don’t want your lousy, overpriced junk  food anyway.

So Mr. CEOs and bigwigs at AMC….we think you really ought to rethink your little “fork and screen” feature. We see right through that as another attempt to price gouge. We are already forced to watch the stupid, pre-movie commercials; now you want to force us to buy your overpriced food?! No thanks. You pretty much wasted our evening.  My husband was so disgusted with your bad business practice that he doesn’t want to frequent your theaters anymore.  We do have to give you credit for the clever name. “Fork and Screen” is so appropriate. We fork over the money and you attempt to pull the screen over our eyes.

~ by tawnyamarie on January 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fork and Scream….or Shame on You AMC!”

  1. So what movie did you see? LOL

  2. I couldn’t agree more! This “Fork and Screen” is the biggest rip off yet. By the time you get to the theater and find out the price, they assume you are just going to pay the extra money. AMC should know what happens when you assume. I was a long time customer of AMC, but I refuse to go back until they stop forcing you to buy their food.

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