Thursday 13: Dream Jobs (for me)

Well my job is good enough, but I’m realizing that I don’t want to do it forever. It’s losing the luster it once had. I find myself dreaming from time to time of dream jobs. In no particular order….

1. Children’s book illustrator. I’ve always wanted to do this and wish I had the time and energy when I come home from work to do more in preparation for this.

2. Cake decorator. Regular old wedding cakes and such would get boring, but the cakes like they make on “Ace of Cakes” look like such fun. I think I would really enjoy the creative process. Would someone make the cakes and icing and I’ll just sculpt and decorate?

3. Muralist. This one I may do some day as a “real” job.

4. Professional singer. Since I was a little girl giving Crystal Gayle concerts in the living room, this has been a dream job. Hey, I can dream.

5. Owner of a bed and breakfast. So I wouldn’t necessarily wanna get up early and work every weekend, but I would like to buy an old house and fix it up cute. Maybe I can serve late night desserts instead of breakfast.

6. Stay at home mom…..maybe someday.

7. Owner of a doggy day care. The more puppies the better….that’s just natural therapy.

8.  If professional singer fails, then maybe I’ll be one of those second rate singers on a cruise ship. I’d get to travel to exotic places while doing something I love.

9. One of those artists that actually paints regularly and sells their paintings online through their “painting a day” blogs.

10. Ice cream taste tester.

11. Matress tester….I do like to sleep.

12. Creative consultant….don’t know exactly what I’d do, but that’s the point. I’d just be available for all kinds of creative needs. It would never get dull because there would always be something new.

13. Photographer. Love to shoot pics of people; I’m just not trained.

~ by tawnyamarie on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “Thursday 13: Dream Jobs (for me)”

  1. I’m waaaaay behind on blogs, but I’LL make the cakes and icing, if you’ll do the artistic part AND the funding!!! 🙂 Baking is my passion!!!

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