And now for something completely Random…Question of the Week

Well. Here I am with time to blog and no subject matter coming to mind. So instead of a blog post, I think I’ll ask a random question of the week. Just leave a comment with your answers.

This time it’s a 2 parter:

1. If you were 15 again and your mother were a decorating Nazi, forcing a room theme upon you, what would be your worst nightmare? Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning….

-70s throwback. Avocado green shag carpet. Hues of wheat, orange, and rust in the tweed bedspread and furniture. Owls and mushrooms completing the motif.
-80s teen scene. White walls with literal paint splashes in neon colors. A set of lockers and teen idol posters all over the room. Clear telephone, hairdryer,and acrylic furniture.
-Western. Saloon doors. Old newspapers for wallpaper. Ropes, saddles, and boots for accessories.

2. Were there any themes you wanted in your room as a kid?

My answer: I can remember one vision I had for my room when I was about 12…. I envisioned my room painted like the sky – all four walls. Instead of a bed I would have a hammock somehow encased in cloud like material (as if I were sleeping in a cloud). I’m sure there would be sheer white canopy type material around it as I always liked that sort of thing. The floor and ceiling would somehow look like sky too so that you always got the feeling you were flying or resting on a cloud….as you can see I wasn’t the most practical child.

~ by tawnyamarie on February 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “And now for something completely Random…Question of the Week”

  1. Worst nightmare-anything food-themed, I think. Or wallpaper of any sort. *shudders*

    I would have much preferred a library look, or something Disney-related (not Mickey, but the movies).

  2. My worst nightmare—Star Trek themed. Shades of mustard, red, and grey. A life-sized Leonard Nimoy Dr. Spock poster. A Vulcan sign bedspread.

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