Mom’s Birthday….and Some Recipes

The weekend just blew by! Friday James and I went for a walk with the pups and upon our return discovered we’d been gone for 2 hours. No wonder I was so sore and tired. I lay down and was conked out for the rest of the night. (It must be getting close to spring break; I never go to bed before 11, let alone 8:00 pm!).

Sunday we planned to have the family over for Mom’s birthday. I always look at these opportunities as excellent chances to try out new recipes. First we planned to make pizza. I’ve been on the look-out for the best pizza crust ever. James and I both love it, but many of the homemade crusts I’ve had are just so-so. I searched online and found a recipe several people raved about for a no-knead pizza crust. You have to make it a day ahead, let it rest, get up the next day and mess with it and let it rise. It was pretty good, but all – in -all, is kneading really that much trouble? I don’t think so. It’s more trouble to plan ahead and time everything just right. It was a pretty tasty crust, but definitely not worth stopping my search over. It was mighty difficult to work with.  It was a thin crust recipe and did not specify what size round it would make. 100_6968I had used some of my wedding gift Kohl’s cards the other night to buy these pizza pans and this rolling pin (I was holding out for the heavy marble rolling pin but that was only available online).  So glad I got this rolling pin after all. The crust was very wet and would not roll easily on the counter (without totally sticking). I tried to pick it up and let gravity stretch it out and that created holes. So then I decided to roll it directly in the pan. Because of the angle on this pin, it made it very easy. The crusts turned out super thin and made 3 crusts instead of 4, so I’m guessing the 4 the chef made were pretty small pizzas. If your curious the recipe is here.

Next I wanted to bust out another wedding gift – the electric ice cream maker. James has exactly one brand of ice cream he will buy (after reading the ingredients). That brand comes in about 3 flavors and is $6 for not even a half gallon! And it’s only available at the health food stores.  What a drag. I dug for some recipes online again. On a tangent, I have to share with you my tip for this. I’m a very visual person. I don’t like cookbooks with no pictures (in fact all books are improved with pictures). So when I search for a recipe online, I go to google images and type in what I’m looking for. I find the ones that look the best and check them out. For some foods like ice cream, it’s harder to tell much difference, but it certainly helped me find the kind of pizza crust I was looking for….  So back to the ice cream. My favorite kind is the Cinnamon Crumb Cake they used to have for a very short time in the winter when I actually lived near a Braum’s. Haven’t seen anything like it until I discovered the Cinnamon ice cream at Cold Stone’s. Once again, that appears to be either a seasonal thing or discontinued, as I haven’t seen it there in quite awhile. So the Cinnamon Ice cream recipe I found tasted almost exactly like Cold Stone’s. It was delicious. You can get the recipe here.  I made a recipe and a half and it didn’t even fill the ice cream maker 1/2 way. I also used fructose instead of sugar and it was still delicious! I may experiment with making it a bit lower fat next time, but otherwise I plan to hold on to this and tweak it for other flavors.

Here are some pics from Sunday:New Son-in-Law
Mom and Dad with their new son-in-law. Didn’t take a pic of the ice cream, but there it is melting on Tracy’s Cherry Coke Cake.

the waterbed
I don’t think the kids had been on a waterbed before. They loved ours and I wondered why I bothered to make the bed.

Philip enjoys his ice cream while Milan obsesses over his Scooby Crocs.

After dinner drink
Milan enjoys an after dinner drink.

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