Quick Tutorial on Cutting out a Shamrock Shape

Well I just posted the leprechaun craft and realized I didn’t link to the page that shows how to make shamrocks quickly and easily. I couldn’t find it online, so here’s my quick tutorial. (Sorry, the junk mail I grabbed was blue – gasp).

Cut out a square of any size (although very small will be difficult).

Fold square in half and then in half again.

Hold the corner…..this is hard to describe…..the corner that would be the center of your paper…..refer to picture.


Envision a heart shape and cut out. (I drew it out because you can’t see what I’m thinking! Normally I wouldn’t draw it, but just freehand a heart with my scissors).


Open up and presto – a blue shamrock with no stem! Believe me, I’ll take no stem if cutting a shamrock is this easy!


~ by tawnyamarie on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Quick Tutorial on Cutting out a Shamrock Shape”

  1. […] these green swatches.  (There’s a trick to this. I hated cutting shamrocks until I learned this trick.) 4. Glue black ribbon on hat. 5. Glue Shamrocks on hat. 6. Cut a U shape out of sticky paper for […]

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