A Wedding Filled Weekend (and How I’m an Unknowing Matchmaker)

I’m on Spring Break and it is just breezing by. It doesn’t help that both weekends during the break I have things going on.  This past weekend I went to Springfield to see my college friend, Keri get married. She sang at my wedding last fall and in return she asked me to sing for hers. She wanted me to sing in a trio, but it was going to be hard to coordinate, so I had a couple of gals from  my Thursday night singing group record “Create In Me” with me. She played it during the Unity Candle ceremony. I have to admit it was kind of weird hearing a recording of my voice a capella. I don’t always like to hear myself recorded.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was held at a Brazilian restaurant. It was beautiful as well.

I have to say that I was in the awkward position of not knowing a soul at the wedding except for the bride and groom.  James doesn’t like weddings. He said he’d go if I wanted him to, but I spared him the torture. Now I wished I would have taken him. Being that I was single for so many years, it’s not as though I haven’t attended plenty of weddings by myself. However, usually I know people or the reception is banquet style, with large tables that are easy to join. I’m an introvert, which compounds the problem.  I decided to be pro-active. I introduced myself to Keri’s parents and asked if they had any suggestions of whom I might sit with. They didn’t have any ideas immediately but told me to hang around.  As all the tables for 2, 4 and 6 filled up (funny no one seemed to have an odd number with them), I was feeling more and more out of place. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity of loitering solo while everyone talked and laughed, the DJ announced that everyone needed to take their seat. I finally found a back room with larger tables and just mustered up the courage to be sociable. Once I found a table everything was fine. In fact, I ended up sitting with Keri’s aunts and uncles, many of whom went to York College and knew some of my Yorkie friends from their home congregations. They were very nice and even cheered me on when I got up to sing Karaoke.

Here’s a pic of the happy couple. Congrats Keri and Jonathan!
Keri and Jonathan

Sunday I had a reception to attend. My friend Michelle who has been my summer roommate the last 3 years, is getting married in April in a family only ceremony.  I’ve alluded to Michelle in the past and promised to tell her story. I think it’s about time….

Michelle and I were good friends at York College.  We stayed in touch after college, but since she moved to Georgia and I  lived in Kansas, we didn’t get to see each other in person.  A few summers ago, she called up and said that she was going on a road trip back to her home state of Arizona and was stopping to see college friends along the way. We worked out a good weekend. Within a few weeks she called back to change the weekend. I told her that was fine, but I had already planned a going away party for a co-worker so she’d have to sit through that.

Now a little back story on the party, because I think it goes to show how God really does work in mysterious ways.  That spring I had been carpooling with Brenda, a music therapy intern at work. I didn’t really like carpooling, but it was almost a necessity with the economy and my financial situation at the time. One night on our long drive home, Brenda asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat. This was rare, and I was usually so ready to get home, I’d say no. For some reason, though, that night I said yes. She got on her phone and called her friend Greg and invited him along. I found out later that Greg really did not know Brenda that well. He’s a very outgoing and busy person, so knowing what I know of him now, it’s surprising he was able to come at a moment’s notice.  I wasn’t sure if Brenda was trying to set us up or not, but it seemed fishy. I do know that he was in the process of a divorce and Brenda didn’t know if it was final, so I knew before I met him that I wouldn’t be interested.

Greg turned out to be a fun guy however and after dinner, we went to his place to play games.  We talked about Brenda’s plans after completing her internship and Greg suggested we have a going away party for her. I offered my house and that’s how the party came to be.

So fast forward to the weekend of Michelle’s arrival. I hadn’t seen her in 13 years and she showed up on my doorstep about 70 pounds lighter than I had ever seen her. It wasn’t long before we were picking up where we left off and having a blast. I told her before the party that I wasn’t sure if Brenda was trying to set me up with Greg, but he wasn’t really my type.  Greg arrived early to help us set up and let me just say that I don’t know if I’ve witnessed that much up-front chemistry between two people that just met (except for James and I of course).  They were talking and laughing and looking at the pics on her camera. They were so lost in each other that I had to remind them that we had a party to get ready for. Well the rest is history. She was here for a couple more days and Greg called, wanting to hang out with us. That led to a long distance relationship and their engagement last summer. She’s a teacher so she’s been able to come up to KC over the summers and stay with me so she could date Greg. Just call me the matchmaker. My sister and her husband also met in my living room.


Here are Niki, Michelle and I at a York College Choir Reunion in ’06.

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  1. Doing a little catching up on my blog reading today. 🙂 It’s a wonder we’ve never called you Yenta. lol

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