Memories from Childhood

I’ve been going through and organizing  pictures on my computer tonight. I don’t have a working scanner, so I’ve never been able to get childhood pics onto the computer. However,  we  had a slideshow at our wedding and therefore had converted lots of pics to digital format. As I went through some of these, they brought back lots of memories. I think I’ll start sharing a memory and an old picture each week.

Here are Tracy and I being musical. Tracy will say that she’s not very musical, but I guess she got roped into lots of musical play with me as her older sister. I remember singing a lot as a child. I composed songs and sang them as I swang on our tree swing.  I loved listening to dad’s 8 tracks and records. I can remember listening to ABBA and Crystal Gayle over and over. I gave concerts in the living room and charged a penny for my parents to watch me swing my long hair around and sing, “Don’t it Make my Brown Eyes Blue”.  I even made concert posters. I was in the county fair princess contest when I was 4 and apparently when they asked what I wanted to be, I answered, “a singer like Crystal Gayle” and broke out into song. In school, I remember singing loudly and proudly. I am very much a musical learner and I still remember songs I learned as a child. Maybe someday the lyrics to the Cheerios jingle or “Scratch, Scratch, Me Back” will come in handy. Otherwise, they’re wasting valuable memory for important things like…my students’ names for example.


~ by tawnyamarie on March 19, 2009.

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