Vintage Photo…..I So Do NOT Feel Like This Today!

Just saw this pic on my computer and it made me realize how old I feel today. This isn’t a usual feeling for me. I still feel pretty young, even though I’m technically middle aged. We just had to go through a very grueling training at work called SCM – Safe Crisis Management. In it, we learned how to safely handle/hold/restrain acting out kids. We had another system – Mandt, but as it was decided that it didn’t meet our needs completely, we had to be retrained in something completely different. During this training, we had to practice over and over and test out of several different skills, including ones where we practiced taking each other to the floor in a lunge like move (but with dead weight). My quads and glutes hurt so bad now. It’s hard to stand up, sit down, climb stairs,  or walk, but otherwise it’s not painful at all. And my brain still feels like it’s on information overload almost 2 days later.

Anyway, here’s to the days of flexibility……Well actually, I must confess that I never was this flexible. I remember taking a bunch of these trick photos. These are my sister’s legs draped over me. I’m hiding the mole on her leg with my hand and faking the concentrated grimace.  Today I kind of feel like my legs have actually been doing this though.scannedimage017

~ by tawnyamarie on March 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vintage Photo…..I So Do NOT Feel Like This Today!”

  1. I want to see more of your trick photos. I’m glad you’re going to be posting some old time pics. That should be fun.

  2. And sorry you’re in pain today. Arnica spray from the health food store is great for bruises, sore muscles, etc. Just call me hippie girl.

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