I Have Artistic ADD

Sometimes I find myself so wishy washy.  I, like many artsy people, can get very passionate about something and focus a ton of energy on it. However, I’m pretty scattered in this.  At one point, I’m thinking about how I should get my stamping side business up and going. I think about all the cool projects I could do, how I could drum up  business, and what neat things I could do to my blog.  I go with that a few weeks and then I get distracted by the next shiny object (artistic venture).

In the last couple of months (during a brief blogging hiatus) I’ve read up on, dreamed about, web surfed about, and/or dabbled in: 

  • Learning how to work in pastel. I’ve looked for classes or workshops I can take. I’ve always liked pastels, but really feel pretty amateurish with them.  I love some of the beautiful Impressionist landscapes I’ve seen and would love to create some of my own. This idea is losing its lustre because 1) I can’t seem to find a local workshop or class on it and 2) I’ve priced some of the soft pastels. I’m not ready to drop upwards of $100 on pastels until I’m sure I want to pursue this. 
  • Children’s book illustration. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but can’t seem to give myself a kick in the pants about. In my pastel class quest, I stumbled upon a course this summer at the KC Art Institute. That may be the kick in the pants I need.
  • Setting up an etsy store with my baby name signs. This one I probably will do as soon as I get enough pics to use for examples.  100_7357Here’s one I completed last week if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. I often make these for baby showers and inevitably, I end up with someone else ordering one for a friend.  This one was for a teacher whose new granddaughter’s room is decorated with tropical fish. 100_7355I’ve done many themes, from simple teddy bears and bunnies, to castles, to snakes and snails. (By the way, if you have one of these name signs in your home, I’d love for you to send me a photo to add to my etsy store.)
  • I also do the “grown up” signs for marriages or anniversaries. These are a big hit too. I’ve had several brides tell me it was their favorite present. I’ll probably put these in the store too, but they’re a little more labor intensive (and honestly just not as much fun). name sign
  • Murals. Also another area that I’ve always wanted to delve more into. It’s difficult while working full time. The most difficult part seems to be marketing myself. I hate that aspect.  Down the road, when James and I have kids, I’d love to stay home and have some kind of artistic venture that brings in some income. This is definitely one area I want to explore more. Here’s one I worked on at school. One of the teacher’s had enlisted my help in a huge Disney mural that she and her para did most of. Over the summer, I added this wall. (I did all of this but the lion on the hill).
  • Disney mural[1]

    and a detail shot (as you can see, this was on a cinder block wall)..


    And here’s 2 murals I have in my home. A French bistro in the kitchen and my bathroom, in Monet’s water lily style (on all 4 walls).

    kitchen mural


  • Pet portraits.  People love their pets and are willing to pay money for things related to their furry babies. I love animals, so it seems like a great area to pursue. I’ve done a few portraits in the past  that turned out pretty well, but regrettably did not take photos.  I spent several hours last weekend web surfing and researching.  There were definitely artists out there who were photo realistic and a bit intimidating (although so were their prices). However, there were also several sites with portraits that…..well, let’s just say they gave me confidence that I could definitely do this successfully.  I recently had a co-worker express interest in ordering one, and since I had already decided to do one for James at some point (for a birthday or Christmas), this seems like a good area to pursue.


It’s sometimes frustrating to be so unfocused. My personality is not that way in general. I definitely don’t have ADD in other areas of my life. And in fact, I’m quite the opposite.

Case in point, my art room at school is adjacent to a classroom of older kids with autism. They can be quite loud at times (screaming, banging on the wall, even throwing furniture at times).  Usually I have the ability to focus on what I’m doing without even noticing the noise.  I sometimes have clients in my room who will look up at me with concern and ask what the screaming is all about. It’s then I realize that the noise hadn’t even registered.

And when I’m actually working on a piece of art or even scrapbooking or doing something creative, I get very quiet and absorbed in what I’m doing. I guess it’s the decision making aspect that is difficult for me.  Sometimes I wonder where I’d be in my own artistic development (not to be confused with professional development – I already have a career) if I had not waffled so much and had picked an area to focus on and honed my skills.

Currently, my artistic output is pretty minimal. I may do about 2 – 3 pieces of fine art a year, several name signs for babies and weddings, maybe a mural, some cards and scrapbooking, and some miscellaneous odds and ends that people ask for.  Legitimately, I could argue that I do work a taxing job full time; I’m adjusting to married life after 35 years of singleness (and it’s going well by the way); I’m trying to maintain friendships at the same time (that’s been more difficult as my time is even more limited now); and I’m also busy with church and musical pursuits.  That said, the artist within craves more.  I need to focus. Maybe I should throw a dart and start working on an area rather than being in a constant state of indecision. I’ll let you know how that works out.

~ by tawnyamarie on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Have Artistic ADD”

  1. Hey Tawyna, let me know if you need any more pictures of the last names for examples of your work and I’ll take a picture of the one you made for us! Beautiful work, btw! Although we enjoyed all of our wedding gifts, I’d have to say our name sign was one of my favorite wedding gifts! It is on our mantel above our fireplace in the living room. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tamara! I’ve actually seen it in the background of some of your facebook pics. Glad you liked it so much! I took some more pics of various family members, but I’ll let you know if I need more pics. Thanks for the offer.

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