Sasha’s Summer Haircut

Thought I’d share Sasha’s new looks. James likes to take the pooches for very long walks ( like almost 2 hours long). Here he is on one of our walks last fall:

James walking the pups

Back in April or May, Sasha was already panting and struggling with the heat. So one Sunday, as I took my afternoon nap, James took Sasha out back for a little trim. I wanted to cry when I saw her. Animal grooming is not in James’ future, that’s for sure. Here are her before and after shots:


Sasha's shearingAs someone commented on my facebook page, it looks like the other dog is embarrassed to be seen in the same room.  Other comments included, “She looks like a Q-tip” and “This proves we need to take our dog to the pros.” and the like.100_7197

Why does the word, “gremlin” come to mind?? Someone did comment that she looked cute, and I immediately thought, “yeah, cute in a so-ugly-it’s-cute, Cabbage Patch doll kind of way”.

About a week later, I decided Sasha needed some cleaning up. James had (seemingly) cut her short, but Samoyeds have an undercoat and it was tightly packed down near her skin. So what looked like short hair, was actually very dense. I shaved her down to the pink and evened her out. In all, we spent a total of probably 4 -5 hours doing this. Yikes!  Here she is evened out a bit…


I have to admit, I’ve really gotten used to the new look. And it’s been a strange phenomenon; she looks more puppy-like now. I find myself treating her more like a baby, as do our friends and family. Her coat is now about the length of our labs’ coats, but much softer in texture. And she still has her glorious squirrel-like tail.


Aww, reminds me of an arctic fox, all curled up. She often has her tail covering her nose, much like a cat would.

~ by tawnyamarie on June 13, 2009.

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