Jewel, Black Lab Portrait

Yesterday, was not only Father’s Day, but James’ birthday. Last year we had just gotten engaged when his birthday rolled around. I knew with James being such a dog-lover, that I wanted to do a portrait of one of his dogs. Well, life happened and all the wedding planning precluded me doing this portrait. James teased me from time to time about not getting him anything (although I did pay $40 for deep dish pizza in Chicago when we were there for  a Volleyball trip – that’s gotta count for something)!  But overall he’s been very gracious.

Recently he found some toy ships he wanted. I’m saying this tongue in cheek. It has something to do with the Axis and Allies addiction sickness mania hobby that he loves (and I feel OK about not understanding).  He told me that if this was my present to him, it would cover both last year’s birthday as well as this year’s. I gave him the money to purchase said ships, but this hasn’t materialized yet, so I thought I’d surprise him with the pet portrait I have been wanting to do anyway.

This was tricky to accomplish. We’re newlyweds and spend most of our time together. I had to wait for him to be gone for the evening to one of his Axis and Allies marathons.


“Jewel” Black Lab portrait
Colored pencil

Here’s the reference photo….


I feel like the background could use improvement – especially the grass area. I’m going to have to try better paper/support, as I worked the colored pencil in so much, it seemed it would’t take any more layers.

Friday I started an acrylic of Sasha, our Samoyed. I’m anxious to keep at this and see some improvement in my work. Also, I’m not sure what media I am going to end up favoring. The colored pencil was good, but tedious. I think painting seems a more natural choice for me.

~ by tawnyamarie on June 22, 2009.

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  1. I only want to write that I am happy to have found You 🙂

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