Pet Portraits in Acrylic

Well, sometime when I’m not so busy, I’d like to set up a website with my artwork, but until then, I’ll simply post here. A few months ago I tried out acrylic paint for painting 3 of our 4 pets (I had already done Jewel in colored pencil). Overall I liked working with acrylic.

This first one of Sasha I wasn’t completely happy with. As my husband said, “It looks like the photo, but there’s something weird about how her paw photographed”. Plus her hair looked too spikey for my taste.

Take 2 of Sasha. Better, but still room for improvement. The other 2 pets’ portraits turned out better.

Rajah….in case you’re wondering, these are all 8 x 8 inches. It’s a good size to play with and I thought it would be cute to hang all 4 pets in a square grouping. I ned to play with how to photograph these paintings, b/c they didn’t photograph well. Some even came out looking like they had subtle stripes on them.


~ by tawnyamarie on November 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pet Portraits in Acrylic”

  1. These are wonderful portraits of your pets! Have you heard we have another addition to our animal family? Ace and Ash are getting used to having a dog in the yard. Her name is Gracie (a lab rottweiler mix).

    Miss You!

  2. Thanks Keri: Thank you. And that’s great news for you! You’ll have to post pics of her.

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