Introducing Baby Sweet Hart, Our Little Girl

I was so looking forward to the day we could get an up-close view of our little baby. September 21 was the day. My doctor insisted I see a perinatologist for my 20 week ultrasound since I declined the Amnioscentesis and CVS. I decided to invite Mom and Dad. They didn’t have this technology when they were having kids. Dads weren’t even allowed in the delivery room back then. And with Dad’s veterinary background, I thought he would find it interesting. James came because I asked him to; I don’t think he would have otherwise. I think the experience made things a little more real for him. It was fun to watch him fluctuate from nervous chatter to the occassional awe-struck comment.

It’s exciting enough to get a peek at your baby, but I couldn’t wait to find out the gender. Just a few minutes in, the tech pointed out the labia and told me we had a little girl! I was so excited. I had been hoping for a little girl and had already been thinking of her as such. I didn’t know if this was mother’s intuition or wishful thinking.

When my Dr. first insisted on the perinatologist, I was a bit put off. I didn’t think it was truly necessary. James and I would love our baby no matter if she had birth defects. But I found the whole experience reassuring. The detailed scan lasted about 45 minutes and they really took a good look at her little heart and all of her other vital organs. They told me she didn’t have any of the soft signs of down syndrome and she looked to be very healthy. They also said she couldn’t seem to hold still. Funny, as I couldn’t feel her moving. Makes me wonder what she is doing when I can feel her.

At 20 weeks, 4 days, she weighed 15 ounces. They told me this was right on track with my due date. However when I got home, I looked up fetal weights, and at 20 weeks, fetuses are usually at 10-11 ounces.  According to what I read, babies don’t generally get to that size until about week 23. Wow, we may have a big baby on our hands (surprise, surprise). Or maybe she’ll just come a bit early?!

Well, here’s her debut. My mom coined the nickname, Baby Sweet Hart and i like it. That’s what she’ll be known as until we announce her name (which may not be until she’s born).

It’s hard to tell what the next one is until all the parts are pointed out. This is almost a top view. You can see her head and the shadow where her eye sockets and nose are. One of her 2 little bent arms is up to her mouth. And below that you can see her shins and feet.

~ by tawnyamarie on September 25, 2010.

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