Feet Cramps

In week 23 (last week) a new annoyance reared its ugly head…the dreaded foot cramp. It’s not that uncommon for me to get an occassional foot cramp, (especially when I’m in the pool for some reason). But in the last week, I’ve been awakened by them every night. And they are much worse than the usual foot cramps. My toes almost convulse in an awkward position and I just can’t seem to get my foot straightened out. It’s almost as bad as a Charlie Horse. I sometimes get them during the day too.

My Dr. recommended more Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. I told her that with all the Tums I take for Heartburn (and all the Shaklee vitamins) I’m sure I’ve got that covered. I posted on Facebook about it and got quite an array of advice. Here are some of my favorites (not that they are bad necessarily, just interesting)…

1. Put a bar of Dove soap by my feet (someone else amended this to a bar of Irish Spring under the bed). I amended this to put a Dove chocolate bar between my lips at the first sign of pain.
2. Drink pickle juice (no thanks!).
3. Get a new matress.
4. Drink tomato juice (again, no thanks!).

Others recommended more of the vitamins and minerals the Dr. recommended, and also Iron. Considering we take 16 different Shaklee vitamins a day, I really didn’t think this was the issue. I also read that consuming more water would help. So I tried to increase the uptake and just for kicks, I took 6 of the Cal/Mag supplements mother-in-law gave me for heartburn (the bottle recommends 4 a day). Last night was the first night in at least a week I didn’t wake up from foot cramps. I did wake up from a full bladder and from James going to work at 2 am, but at least I wasn’t in pain.

~ by tawnyamarie on October 17, 2010.

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